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How hard is it to find a job in San Francisco?

by tom44 on November 29, 2012

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Question by Arlene K: How hard is it to find a job in San Francisco?
I would like to move to San Francisco but I’ve heard its very difficult to land a job there. I have a degree in Biology and would like to work in the Pharmaceutical or Biotech industries, however, recruiters have told me that there really isn’t anything available right now. I’m just wondering how difficult it is to find a job at this time.

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Answer by ajtheactress
Unofficial unemployment is 20% in the city. Many people work several PT jobs to make a living and they along with the folks who have run out of unemployment benefits are no longer counted among the “jobless”

If you want to work in Pharma or Biotech you might have better luck in Silicon Valley but CA official unemployment is 12.9%.

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3 thoughts on “How hard is it to find a job in San Francisco?

  1. TopGun says:

    there is a biotech job fair in burlingame hotel, total 15 positions, 500 people hung around the hotel conference room all day.

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