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How far in advance should I start planning and preparing for my move from NJ to NC?

by tom44 on November 16, 2012

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Question by Melissa T: How far in advance should I start planning and preparing for my move from NJ to NC?
We are looking to move April 30, 2009 when our current apartment lease is up. We are going to find jobs for my husband and myself in Charlotte, NC and a 2 bedroom apartment. We have a 5 year old son also. He is being homeschooling right now, but I plan to enroll him in school when we move.

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Answer by Rick K
that date will come up fast I would already be looking into area to live

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One thought on “How far in advance should I start planning and preparing for my move from NJ to NC?

  1. Sarah G says:

    Definitely prepare for the job placement now, and call the school board in Charlotte now so they can send you all the paper work you’ll need to fill out. Call the chamber of commerce there so you have information about pediatricians, veterinarians, any thing like that. Call the phone company so you can have a phone book from the area sent to you-everyone does not list with yellow unfortunately. Also, call or go on line with any of the local newspapers from Charleston within 6 mo.s of your move and sign up with their web site. This way you can see jobs, apts. and any local events, etc. you’ll be interested in. About 3 months prior to moving arrange for movers or rental vehicles for the moving date. Start packing then, making sure to label and inventory EVERY box. Do you have pets? Start taking them for short drives in the car/truck then to acclimate them to driving if they aren’t already. 1 1/2 months prior-change your address with the post office, credit co.s, insurance, etc. and any 2nd or 3rd class mailings you’d like to keep receiving. One week before-the only things that shouldn’t be packed now are your personal items, food for people and animals,coolers for food and beverages, animal food and water travel dishes, and cleaning supplies. Congratulations and good luck!

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