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How Far back Does Idaho go for background checks and do they check just Idaho or other states as well?

by tom44 on May 20, 2014

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Question by HELPMYFRIENDBNURSE: How Far back Does Idaho go for background checks and do they check just Idaho or other states as well?
About 15 years ago my friend and her husband split up in doing so he caused so much termoil in her life including an accusation of neglect on the children it never went to court ever so life went on and she learned to deal with this rude man now about 3 years ago she was working a job as a cna in washington and boom all of a sudden something comes back on her background check that has never been there before she worked in nursing homes all the time and never had an issue why all of a sudden? what we are trying to find out is can she pursue her career in Nursing and continue on to RN? She lives and breathes in Idaho and is too afraid to go anywhere else please help?
It says: Accusation of Neglect Case discontinued that was in 1998 during a time which her ex was pulling every stop he could to make her life miserable She has continued to work in Nursing homes in Idaho, Oregon, and Montana and even in Washington during that time frame and Nothing every arose before this one job in a small town in Eastern Washington She has been too afraid to even pursue her career but everything in her soul keeps telling her this is what she is passionate about. Never had a DUI, Drug offense or even stole anything I dont think she even has a speeding ticket..
And that being said if this will affect her chances as a Nurse in Idaho is there anything she can do? such as writing a letter? getting an evaluation, etc? suggestions would really be appreciated and thank you for not being rude.

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Answer by Marcus
So what is in her background? Since we do not know we have no way of telling you if it will affect her or not.

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One thought on “How Far back Does Idaho go for background checks and do they check just Idaho or other states as well?

  1. George says:

    A criminal background check goes all the way back to the time she turned 18 years old.
    They dont just check for Idaho it is a nation wide check of all 50 states.
    She needs to find out exactly what it is that is coming up in her background check and if it is a mistake then she needs to correct it.

    Some times depending on the quality of the back ground check service that is used if people have a variation of the same name things will appear on a background check that do not belong to that specific person. (ie) Sandra Edwards age 24 Wisconsin- never arrested or convicted but
    Sandra A. Edwards age 25 Wisconsin -convicted domestic violence

    she can still become an licensed RN in the state of Idaho as long as the incident on the back ground check is not a felony or a drug related incident.

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