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How easy is it for a doctor to get a green card in the US?

by tom44 on June 18, 2013

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Question by ?: How easy is it for a doctor to get a green card in the US?
How easy is it for a Canadian citizen to get permanent residency status in the US if they graduated from an American medical school and did their residency there? If a hospital were to offer this person a job, does he or she get a green card? Are there many job openings for doctors in the LA area?

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Answer by Hugo90
If you get a state license and a job offer, it shouldn’t be real tough. As long as there are jobs hard to fill, and there are.

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2 thoughts on “How easy is it for a doctor to get a green card in the US?

  1. jacob says:

    Permanent residence and green card admission is typically directly related to your profession, level of education, job commonality and criminal history. If you have no criminal history, went to USA schools and academies, it shouldn’t be too hard. Plus I can tell you for a fact (being in the medical field myself) that there are tons of job opportunities for doctors, as the medical field is one of the most stable there is and hasn’t much been affected by the economy. You are basically treated as a commodity, and when they review you, they will see that you have quite a bit of potential to contribute to the USA in a meaningful way. So I would say that you would have a much easier time than most people, particularly if you could get a few close relatives and maybe a US friend to testify for you. Plus you are from an English speaking country (well, also French) and wouldn’t need any naturalization, really.
    If you really want to have plenty of job offers, I would recommend here in Seattle as we have one of the best medical sectors in the USA and it is currently growing. LA has a semi-weak economy and may be harder to find a job with, and you would certainly make less money than elsewhere in the USA.

  2. Brother_Hesekiel says:

    If the hospital sponsors you for the immigrant visa, pretty easily.

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