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How does the Republican Party plan to pay off the debt in Washington if they don’t take in any taxes?

by tom44 on January 6, 2014

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Question by Andrew Leer: How does the Republican Party plan to pay off the debt in Washington if they don’t take in any taxes?
Congress has already outsourced every job they can to other nations. Between NAFTA and this there are very few jobs left for Americans. Considering they also don’t want to tax anyone, how does the Republican Party expect to pay off the debt if they are in power?

Best answer:

Answer by M&T
It’s called CUTTING SPENDING..some thing the liberals don’t under stand.How about 1% a year for the next ten years..that would be a start!

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5 thoughts on “How does the Republican Party plan to pay off the debt in Washington if they don’t take in any taxes?

  1. Chuck says:

    too bad we can’t outsource congress. We could probably hire a competent group at half the cost.

  2. Mike A says:

    It’s not a matter of needing taxes. Most Republicans believe taxes are already too high or there are already too many of them. Paying off the debt is much more difficult than simply imposing more taxes on the people.

    The Republican viewpoint is that many programs and taxes currently in existence are excessively funded or shouldn’t exist at all. They want to re-distribute the national budget, dump programs they see as worthless, and use taxes more wisely. They believe paying off the debt can be handled by encouraging spending within reason, supporting small businesses, and ending “bailout” provisions.

    Most Democrats tout various services, taxes and programs as the way to decrease debt, stimulate the economy, and fix the budget. They don’t seem to believe that spending and supporting small businesses has any effect on the economy. Their version of “creating jobs” consists of eliminating jobs under the radar, creating thousands of temporary jobs, and then claiming they “created thousands of new jobs” when what they really did was replace the ones they eliminated. The 2010 census “created” 240,000 new jobs. However, every one of those jobs was eliminated once the census was done.

  3. Wounded Duck says:

    The GOP does not care about the debt. They are the ones that put us in this position. All they care about is beating the President in 2012. They have stated this quite clearly numerous times. Why no one seems to listen is beyond me.

  4. Eric says:

    @ Wounded Duck…really? Under Bush’s 8 years, the national debt increased as much as it has under Obama’s 2 1/2 years. nice logic though.

    This question is flawed. “Don’t take in any taxes?” No one is talking about cutting taxes to 0% across the board. Republicans believe in the current economic climate, you can’t raise taxes. Raising taxes would likely lead to businesses being forced to cut jobs. This in turn would result with LESS tax revenue to the government (that’s what the argument is anyways). Tax REVENUES increased after Reagan and Bush cut taxes because within 2-4 years, more people had jobs which allowed the government to collect more taxes. Dumb question really.

  5. MS_YA_NSA_TRIAD says:

    They don’t. They are on record as saying they want to eliminate all of the governments power.

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