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How does one find a job out of state and relocate?

by tom44 on June 4, 2013

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Question by Traditional Catholic: How does one find a job out of state and relocate?
I currently live in Dallas, Texas. I would like to move to Syracuse, New York because that is where my wife is from. Also, there is a bigger traditional Catholic community in my wife’s hometown, which is why we’d love to raise a family there.

I currently work in the medical procurement field and I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

I’ve never really done looked for jobs out of state before, so could someone give me some input?

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Answer by Cereal killer
You can be the new pope.

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6 thoughts on “How does one find a job out of state and relocate?

  1. davidmi711 says:

    National scope job sites such as

  2. magick says:

    Head hunters and a good resume .

  3. FIFA says:

    You go online and search for medical procurement jobs in Syracuse… Or search for the hospitals in the area and apply directly through that… Or call someone from your wifes family up there and ask their recommendation for jobs in your field… Or get in touch with a head hunter

  4. Callie says:

    Do networking first. Know before you go. Surely you have access to the internet.

  5. Not An Obama fan says:

    Get a current copy of that city’s news paper. Check to see what the employment
    climate is. Then make your moves from the information you can gather,

  6. Cyndi says:

    My daughter just did this…
    Look up the local phone book for companies in your job field.
    Call some places and see if their accepting applications,look on line for any job openings.
    Send off an electronic application(if accepting them).
    Follow up as needed-phone calls,etc…
    If needed,you might be required to have a face to face interview.
    Be prepared to fly to New York stay at a hotel or family members home.
    Go back to Dallas and wait and pray something happens.

    My daughter had to take time off work and had multiple interviews set up per visit.She two interviews on Thus and Fri.She was called and offered both jobs on Sat..:) Now she deciding which one to take.
    She’s been working on this for 1 year too.It might not happen right away.Just don’t give up.
    Good luck 🙂

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