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How does Detroit deal with the many abandoned buildings in the city?

by tom44 on May 4, 2013

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Question by ACE BOOGIE: How does Detroit deal with the many abandoned buildings in the city?
I have read from statistics that Detroit the most number of abandoned buildings and houses in the country.

Although im from Atlanta, i have family members in Detroit and would like to hear from another person’s point of view who is from the city.

I mean, i just don’t think tearing them down will work.

how about remodeling them?

sorry, i meant to say Detroit “has” the most abandoned buildings. please excuse me! 😀

Best answer:

Answer by mitchellandness1
well, the way i deal wit em is try to buy em and fix em up, or let the kids use them as tree houses, …except their actual houses, but me, im use to them, so it dosn’t bother me, im actually tryna get me one now to fix up and rent out.

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6 thoughts on “How does Detroit deal with the many abandoned buildings in the city?

  1. mandi says:

    Sadly, they don’t really deal with them at all. The city is so messed up I don’t think they even know where to start. Mostly the homeless use them for shelter and drug use-also tons of graffiti writers “practice” on them. The police don’t have the manpower to keep them empty long enough for removal or renovations. The city really needs some help-just not sure where they will get it from…

  2. STUART says:

    For the most part, we are doing nothing with them. Some are getting renovated into condos and lofts. Others are just sitting there.

    As far as remolding, some are but, a lot of the time it is more expensive to do that rather than tear it down and build another building.

  3. CoolDetroit says:

    In the neighborhood im living in, they have been tearing down some abandoned homes, and they have been builing new homes, on Jefferson Ave. ( Thats a main street right off of the Detroit River, on the east side) They will be making lots of new stores, homes and lofts next year in 2008. THey have been starting but they have lots to do.

  4. the_blue_martini_69 says:

    the city really doesnt care and they r not doin anything bout it if they cared they would have already done somthing bout it, i dont think they should remodel those r all crack houses, they need to tear them done and start over rebulid a new nice house

  5. wash_your_poon says:

    The city does nothing about them, they never have and never will.

    Ask yourself this question, why would the city or anyone else for that matter remodel homes and buildings in Detroit? You can buy a home for $ 15,000, a lot less then the cost to remodel. Detroit is a sinking hell hole and will eventually be completely abandoned. If you have ever driven past Gary, IN you see a shell of a city. It looks like the skeleton of a large dinosaur or the site of a nuclear bomb impact. Detroit is right on its heals.

  6. Goalie 79 says:

    The city is doing very very little. Many house homeless, or are crack houses. Detroit is the capital of foreclosure homes. Remodeling, while a great idea, is very low priority. Right now, there are an overabundance of good homes for sale, or in foreclosure, that make more sense to buy and renovate. For those abandoned homes to get addressed, Detroit has to have an economic miracle happen. The city has to focus on bringing new people and new jobs to town before it can spend it’s budget on cleaning up the urban blight.

    The worst part of all, is that Michiganians have seen this coming for the last 25 years and have done very little to change it. The state still relies too much on the Big 3 and agriculture, both of which have become non-profit ventures.

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