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How does being the youngest affect you?

by tom44 on June 6, 2013

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Question by : How does being the youngest affect you?
This is a question for all of you who are the youngest in your family.
I’ve grown up the youngest in my entire extended family. I feel that because I am the youngest no one takes me seriously. I feel that either no one believes I am capable of great things or that the older members of my family have more potential. I also feel that I will never catch up and will live my life one step behind the others.
So how does this generation gap make all of you younger siblings feel?

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Answer by capwest5a
Yes, it’s quite common for older siblings to be condescending to the youngest family member. This has happened to me. I simply had to prove them wrong, that’s all. Now I’M the one with two college degrees, a great job, and making tons of money. Guess what?? They are STILL condescending towards me. Why?? IDK. Jealousy now perhaps ?? To be honest, I really don’t bother talking with my direct family members anymore for that exact reason (my parents are deceased, by the way, and may God rest their gracious souls). I’ve made my own ‘extended family’ of friends who care about me and respect me. Mainly women friends. I’ve found them to be loyal and very supportive. I have this one friend who I have known for 28 years (two-thirds of my life). She’s a doctor now and she, of her own volition, has decided to treat me for a medical/psychiatric condition that I have (that is, once she learned of my ‘condition’). It’s NOT convenient for her to do so (I live 70 miles away from her), but she comes over every two weeks, rain or shine. Just out of love. She WANTS to help. (And uhh, there’s no stopping her once she has decided on a course of action 😉 Free of charge.

I live in Seattle. I have close friends, mainly in Washington State, but there’s another in Toronto, Canada and another halfway around the world in Singapore. For the latter two, we’ll almost certainly never meet in person – but we still ARE close friends. And yes, those two ARE a little older than myself, but they respect me and someimes offer me advice, which I don’t mind. They don’t FORCE their advice on me or ‘talk down’ to me in any way.

Here’s one. Almost in a manner of paying MY circle of friends back, I have been kinda ‘mentoring’ a daughter of one of my other close friends. I basically think of her as my niece, although we aren’t related (She lives in Las Vegas). I don’t always approve of her behaviour, but I never mention anything about that. I just ‘throw out’ little snippets of advice to her on occasion. She’s the rebellious type, which is OK. So I am careful not to offend her or be condescending towards her. I actually haven’t seen her in person for like 15 years, but that’s OK too. I was joking around with her on facebook last night – no advice or anything, just smart-a$ $ comments (she’s a smart-a$ $ too, so we’re similar in that regard LOL). Hence, a growing bond. She KNOWS that she can trust me. (She’s not sexually interested in me, nor am I to her – well, a little I guess, to be honest hehe). But that’s OK too. As my doctor friend Jennifer says “It’s all good” and to use one of her other phrases “There it is”. . .

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