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How do you raise money to go to new york city for my 21st birthday.?

by tom44 on July 5, 2013

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Question by Alicia C: How do you raise money to go to new york city for my 21st birthday.?
I would like to go to new york for my 21st birthday but i am inviting at least nine of my friends including me. I need to make $ 30,000. I need the money in a year and a half from now. I am 19 years old now. Can you give me ideas on how to raise this much money? This is not a school trip or organization. Its just a group of my friends going to celebrate my birthday. Thank You.

Best answer:

Answer by Travel Writer from NYC
Why in the world do you need so much money? Let your free-loading friends pay their own way. Wouldn’t you rather use $ 30,000 to buy a car or put a down payment on a house of your own? I’m not saying not to go ahead with the plan but, if the people going with you are true friends, they will gladly pay their own way.

To help cut expenses, cut down your stay. If you are planning on two weeks, cut it back to a week, if you are planning for a week cut it back to a weekend.

And, of course you already know the answer how to make money. Get a job.

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4 thoughts on “How do you raise money to go to new york city for my 21st birthday.?

  1. U_No_me says:

    1. Get a job.
    2. Each of your friends should pay their own way.
    3. Reconsider this ridiculous amount of money needed.
    4. Get a job!

  2. Allergic To Eggs says:

    sell things and ebay and work

  3. King Of NJ(Bulls Fans=Y!As Best) says:

    If it’s your birthday why would you be paying for your friends as well?

    They should be chipping in to pay, not you

  4. Jamerican Steve says:

    Be self reliable and get a job or get someone (person or business) to sponsor the trip.

    There is a program (I forget the name) and if you are between a certain age, you will get flown here to NY for free.

    Videos of it are also on YouTube of some of the people who got sponsored in the past and the places (museums, etc) they got to visit.

    If I find the program before this post expires, I will add it below.

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