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how do u find a job in phoenix AZ?

by tom44 on May 8, 2014

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Question by naima_jay: how do u find a job in phoenix AZ?
how do u find a job in phoenix AZ? need hlp

Best answer:

Answer by Light Knight
You might try a Yahoo web search or Craigslist

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4 thoughts on “how do u find a job in phoenix AZ?

  1. Penguin_Bob says:

    Try looking in the newspaper ‘help wanted” listings. Here are the Phoenix newspapers …

    Good luck!!

  2. az_starshine1 says:

    Every job I have found has been from or going around filling out applications (when I was 16). It’s tied into the local newspaper.

  3. melissa georgia says:

    you dont unless you cant speak english and will work for under minimum wage i know thats mean but it has some truth !!!!!!

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