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How do I tell if a prospective job is on the train line?

by tom44 on June 9, 2013

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Question by Susan R: How do I tell if a prospective job is on the train line?
I want to get a job where I won’t need to walk far from the train. How does one do this when they are answering an ad and have no idea if they’ll be walking miles? Some ads will say they are “right off the green line” or whatever, but most don’t. I can’t tell just by looking at the schedule in the “T” website.

Best answer:

Answer by Wolf Harper
You’re totally thinking the right way. Asking how practical it’ll be to get to work.

Trouble is, nobody is ever going to help you with this. Most of the people you’re talking to, they drive cars, they don’t understand transit, and they don’t care. And if they see you struggling with it, they’ll just see that as a reason to disqualify you.

But… you know that obscure skill that nobody bothers with anymore – reading and using maps? Everybody just gets driving directions or GPS?

You need a little bit of that skill. I don’t think you’ll have any trouble.

First, figure out which transit lines make sense for you. Get a transit map and follow them, and see where they go, and for that you’ll need a geographically accurate map such as

Now here’s the tricky part. You need to also get where they go on a regular map, like you find on Yahoo or Google Maps. So put them side by side. Memorize so you can recognize where your subway lines are, even on a map that doesn’t show them. For instance the Green Line goes down Commonwealth Ave, that makes it easy.

Then, when you are researching an employer, put their address into Yahoo maps, and go “Oh, that’s near one of my lines” or “No, it’s not, next!”

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One thought on “How do I tell if a prospective job is on the train line?

  1. hamrrfan says:

    If you can find the address of the prospective employer, you can use the trip planner provided by city transportation companies.

    Here is one for Boston and one for Chicago (see right side of its page).

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