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How do I stop my ex wife from moving to Las Vegas with our 2 kids?

by tom44 on September 8, 2013

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Question by 2kiddad: How do I stop my ex wife from moving to Las Vegas with our 2 kids?
She is moving to Las Vegas from Tennessee because her parents are moving there. She refuses to get a job and take care of herself. When they move there they will be staying in a extended stay hotel until her parents find a house to move into. I do not think this is healthy for the kids.I am a very dedicated father who spends more time than I am supposed to with them. She asks me to take them on the weekend she is supposed to have them so she can go out club hopping. HELP!!!

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Answer by Freemason AF & AM
Have a lawyer put an injunction in place stating that she has to keep the kids within a certain distance of where you live now. You have a right to see your kids and take part in their life.

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8 thoughts on “How do I stop my ex wife from moving to Las Vegas with our 2 kids?

  1. grammie says:

    Take her to court. If you are paying child support , she has to have yours and the courts permission, to move the kids out of state. If she were re-married and she had to move because of her husbands job that would be different.

  2. michelle says:

    make proof you have them more then you are suppose too. Try and get proof she is giving you the kids to go to bars. Also, take her to court. You are the father and If you have a reliable job and your own house/appartment, they will see to you as a full time dad. The courts would rather see there kids in a home knowing there would be no problems its a stable place where a hotel can lead to many things… Trust me. Get the proof you have them more then she does and she is going to bars often.. The courts will see to it that you are a good father and you will take better care of those kids then you ex wife will. GOOD LUCK TO YOU! honestly.

  3. Danie says:

    Tell her to grow up and put the kids first. If she doesn’t grow up tell her she doesn’t deserve to be a mom.

  4. Jerry B says:

    if you have court ordered visitation, get a lawyer and see what can be done.

  5. dmstanley02 says:

    Go to court, tell them all this info and file for custody.

  6. Julie-Anne says:

    go a LAWYER YESTERDAY…….. you can put a hold on this RIGHT NOW and then it would be kidnapping if she left… Do this immediately… as long as you have joint custody…. I am not sure if she has full (if so, why did you go along with it?). I still think she needs persmission

  7. Diane M says:

    Is it stated in your divorce decree that she can’t go a certain distance or to another state without your consent? You might check into that.
    If it isn’t, then you can always take her to court. It will cost money, but it sounds that by the way that you described her that you would probably win, and she couldn’t take them to Las Vegas.
    You’d have to prove your case, her actions with them, your spending more time with them than was even ordered, her going out, and pointing out the obvious, which is that they will be uprooted from where they are, that they really don’t know where they are going to live so will be staying at an extended stay hotel, that Las Vegas really isn’t the greatest of places for children. etc…

    Good Luck To You

  8. Ryan's Momma says:

    File a petition with the court for custody. Get a lawyer. A lot of states won’t let her move without your permission or unless she can prove that she is moving to better herself thus bettering the kids lives.
    Doesn’t sound like moving to Vegas and living in an extended stay hotel with no job is going to be better for them…

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