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How Do I place an ad for a volunteer looking for a part-time job in 37931 Knoxville, Tennessee?

by tom44 on June 17, 2012

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Question by Wildlife Girl from California: How Do I place an ad for a volunteer looking for a part-time job in 37931 Knoxville, Tennessee?
I am a 13 year old teenager in 7th grade looking for a part-time job in Knoxville, Tennessee in 37931. I am able to work on most weekends and I love animals. I will do anything to help any shelter in 37931. I will love working with animals even no pay. I would be happy if an animal shelter will please allow me to work their. I would be very happy.

Best answer:

Answer by Mandy
Hi sweetie. U sound awesome. I did so much volunteer work when I was ur age. What u need to do is ask ur parents if they have a phone book around the house. Look up Vets, and Any animal hospital u can find. Also u can look up SPCA’s (animal shelters) also a great one would be a place that does boarding care for animals. Thats a place, (most of the time someones home)where people going on vaction take there animals to, so that they can be cared for while the owners are on vaction. They do things like feed them, play with them, walk them, talk to them, try to train them to do tricks, brush them and give them baths… all sortsa things. Call around and see if anyone is looking for a Volunteer worker. Tell them about yourself and what u like and what u are able to do for them. Chances are u will be given alot of things to do and at a few different places and pretty soon if u show that ur a hard worker then they may just hire u. Also when u get old enough to have a real job, volunteer work looks GREAT on a resume!. When u get a job (even volunteering) do it the best way u can. Work hard and prove yourself. U will see that 1)u get taught so many things u never new before 2) u get to meet ppl and help out animals and 3) it just feels so good leanding a helping hand.
You can also write up something to give to each of these companies. Make a letter that sounds so awesome that NO ONE can refuse. Send it to all the companies in which u wanna work at. U cant go wrong. Good Luck and I hope I have helped u. U can always email me at if u need help with the letter or need other pointers. Also most important… in all that hard work Dont forget to have fun too;)

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One thought on “How Do I place an ad for a volunteer looking for a part-time job in 37931 Knoxville, Tennessee?

  1. cblrdy says:

    Mandy just wrote one of the best answers I’ve ever seen on this site. There’s nothing to add.

    Good luck and I wish you could spread your attitude around the world. Maybe you should think about volunteering to help other 13 year olds to think like you. For that matter, there should be a course in school to teach kids how to be more like you. And if you ever decide to run for President, I will gladly vote for you.

    Thanks for making my day.

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