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How do I get Medical assistance for appendicitis surgery?

by tom44 on September 26, 2013

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Question by Mark E: How do I get Medical assistance for appendicitis surgery?
I dont have insurance, I am 26 with no job and 2 kids. what is the best place to go in dallas / fort worth Texas to get my appendix removed?
the hospital declined services without a deposit and I am worried about poor surgery at the local JPS place in fort worth. It is hard to consider options at a time like this…

Best answer:

Answer by Ragu
Go to the ER or this can become a medical emergency. The hospital will work with you on payment.
Good luck.

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3 thoughts on “How do I get Medical assistance for appendicitis surgery?

  1. Libraryanna says:

    Go to the emergency room. Worry about money later. They have to treat any life threatening condition without asking if you can pay.

    Ask about Hill-Burton funds. Hospitals get federal funds to build and in exchange, they have to agree to take a certain number of charitable patients. After the surgery, ask to talk to the hospital social worker. Although you may not qualify for regular medical assistance, you can if you have a medical emergency.

  2. finaldx says:

    John Peter Smith has fine surgeons, and is a fully accredited hospital; that is really your only option at this point.

  3. Alison says:

    You could ask for antibiotics to treat the appendicitis. There was a study done in 2007 that investigated the effectiveness of antibiotics in treating acute appendicitis, and the results were as effective as surgery in treating it. It might be worth asking about it. I wish I could send you the article, but it appears that you need an academic subscription to be able to read it (yet I have it on my computer somehow as a PDF). It would help doctors find a treatment that is right for you. If interested, please give me your email so that I could forward you the article.

    As for the decision to get it removed, I would rather risk getting it done at the local JPS than ending up with it bursting and ending up with sepsis, or a life-threatening infection in your abdomen. I would talk to a doctor immediately about this. I would not try home remedies, as you are really taking your life into your own hands with these remedies. If they don’t work, you are only going to hurt yourself.

    I hate to say this, but the longer you wait, the worse your prognosis will be. As for the hospital declining services without a deposit, that is BS. Appendicitis is considered a medical emergency because, if left untreated, it can result in a decline to death. Hospitals, by law, are not supposed to turn people away, with or without insurance, if they have a medical emergency. I would gently remind the triage staff of this law, and if they still refuse to see you (do this in person), then I would ask to speak with the head physician or triage physician there and tell him/her your concerns and that the triage staff will not let you be seen when you suspect appendicitis. If the physician has reason to believe that you have appendicitis, the triage staff may end up being reprimanded for their actions later on, as this may have opened up the hospital and any other doctor there to a malpractice lawsuit. I’m sure you will be seen if you show up there in person and did all that I advise. If you don’t, then I would go elsewhere. Even an urgent care center would be better, as the physician there can examine you and refer you to the ER if needed. The urgent care center can call ahead and tell them that you are on your way. This may result in two bills, but this may be needed in your case to communicate to the triage at the ER that this IS a medical emergency and that you need to be seen ASAP. Bills can always be worked out later. What matters the most here is your health, not money..

    Hospitals will also work with you to pay the bill that you incur. I had an appendectomy done this January and had $ 250 in hospital copays that I couldn’t pay. I called up the billing department of the hospital and told them my situation, and they waived the $ 250. I would call up the billing department of your hospital afterwards and tell them your situation. They will work with you to find a way to pay. They may also have programs for low income families to pay their bills at that hospital (unfortunately that doesn’t include surgeon, anesthesiologist and radiologist bills, as these all are separate entities-you’ll have to talk to each separately about this-maybe try talking to the head person in charge or to the doctor that operated on you to see if they will have mercy on you).

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