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How do I get a non-pilot job in the aviation industry?

by tom44 on May 14, 2013

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Question by Alex H: How do I get a non-pilot job in the aviation industry?
I live in Atlanta, Georgia and have a recently graduated with a business degree from UGA. I don’t necessarily want to work for Delta. I enjoy cargo, charter and wet-leasing better. I just want to get my foot in the door, something corporate. Does anyone know of any employment sites or forums that are good or how I can achieve my goal?

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Answer by sporregar
Look in your phone book or go to your local airport for charter or cargo services and contact them about job opportunities.

You could also try some of the huge companies that may have their own fleet (i.e. KC)

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3 thoughts on “How do I get a non-pilot job in the aviation industry?

  1. Magnum says:

    Just apply to the different companies I guess

  2. rotorwingflight says: for fixed wing and helicopter – rotorwing

    these are really the only aviation job sites/forums you’ll ever need

  3. Andrew G says:

    Aviation’s a tough industry. A lot of people going for these jobs have previous experience. Also, you’ll probably find it’s not what you know, it’s often who you know.

    That being said, everybody does start somewhere. Keep in mind that by wanting to focus on a job in aviation you’re limiting yourself straight out of college (not a problem, but a fact)… and if you’re not willing to move out of Atlanta, you’re really limiting yourself. You hit the big company- Delta. They’ll probably have the most job opportunties for you. The other companies that do a lot out of Atlanta are Comair and Pinnacle Airlines (relatively new operation in Atlanta- although they’ve been around a long time overall).

    As far as charter/corporate/cargo… I’m unsure. I know hawker/beechcraft has an FBO at Fulton. There is also Hill Aircraft and leasing out of Fulton.

    Other than checking out, etc., the best websites aviation related are and (both internet forums). Both are geared towards pilots, but there are a lot of people on both of those forums that may be able to help. is considered one of the best aviation job websites- but it costs a fair amount of money and again, it’s mostly (but not all) pilot related.

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