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How do i get a job as a bouncer or club security?

by tom44 on March 10, 2013

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Question by The J Man: How do i get a job as a bouncer or club security?
I am 18, 6’3, 250, live in Atlanta but moving to Washington DC in September and i really wanna work security at a club or bar, please help!

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Answer by The Don
Call the club or bar and request to speak to management as simple as that. If you’re qualify you’ll have no problem getting the job. Ask about age requirement, you’re a bit young to work at a club or bar as liquor is serve. It wont hurt trying you know what I mean, good luck.

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4 thoughts on “How do i get a job as a bouncer or club security?

  1. Alex says:

    try i find it very helpful in finding jobs that suit you

  2. Gupeter says:

    I hate to disappoint you but you asked a question so I assume you want a straight up answer. Chances are finding that sort of job are almost nil. You’re 18 and the drinking age is 21. Most clubs won’t alows anyone under 21 to be in them at all. If someone underage is drinking or if there is an incident the club will have a hard time with the police, liquor control, insurance company etc. because of your age. Secondly they just don’t hire because of size. Handling people is all about maturity and panache not size and a club owner will not believe you have this at 18, no offense. And they will simply believe that if you don’t have a few years drinking out legally you know nothing about working in such a place. Again it’s not all about size as you would hold the owner’s livleyhood in your hands. You might want to try event security at concerts and such instead. Wait tables and get used to the bar business. At the same time you’ll make contacts with bartenders and owners that will be usefull in a couple of years when you are looking for a job later. And that’s what the bar business really comes down to is who you know. They get a million guys who apply for a job simply because they are big. You’ll need to know somebody even at 21.

  3. ChitChatBrat says:

    Agree with above poster. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a cool job elsewhere. DC is a city of tourism with so many restaurants. There are so many cool restaurants that you can work at. And even though you are 18, you can still work as a promoter of the clubs. It will be great for you to get to know who’s who in teh business, so when u turn 21, you’ll have the opportunity to do what you want.

  4. tbugs says:

    The first step is to establish yourself as a guy who can take care of himself.

    Go to a nightclub and find someone who is drunk. Take it upon yourself to physically throw them out of the club. Then, ask to see the manager, tell him that his bouncers did not do anything and that he should hire you.

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