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How do I find state assistance before moving to Dallas, TX?

by tom44 on January 23, 2014

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Question by Love2Love408: How do I find state assistance before moving to Dallas, TX?
I am a newly single mother looking to relocated from Detroit to Dallas. I have a 4 month old baby and it would just be me and her for now. I don’t have much savings, but I have a Bachelor’s degree in Women and Gender Studies, as well as intake Coordinator experience under my belt. I am just ready to start over, and am looking to give my baby a good life. What type of assistance is available if I should need it until I can find steady employment (EBT, rent assistance, day care, etc)? I’m thinking of moving to or around Plano for now. Thanks!

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Answer by lestermount
You are not eligible for assistance until you are a resident.
You can not apply for help while living in Detroit.
A degree in Women’s and Gender studies is not going to get you a job.
Unless you have a skill you can not expect to get much more than minimum wage.

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