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How do I find a person to locate a rental home for me in Atlanta?

by tom44 on September 12, 2013

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Question by china_kat: How do I find a person to locate a rental home for me in Atlanta?
I’m moving to Atlanta next month and I need to find a house for rent before I get there. I found one and he wants to charge me $ 350. I know there are free ones! I’ve done this before and it was much easier before. Can someone please lead me to a person or company that will do this for me for free. HELP!! I’m freaking out that I can’t just google this! Thanks!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Go with the flow
No one is going to work for free.
If they say free to you, they will want to charge the person renting the apartment.
With the demand in rentals, good luck finding a landlord that will pay this fee.
Anything online that states free will be a scam.

Get there, get a cheap hotel room and spend a couple of days driving around and talking to landlords near apartments near your work.
It never took me more than 2 days to find a place.
Note: You will need a job in order for any landlord to rent a place to you.
You can’t just move there without a job locked in.

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2 thoughts on “How do I find a person to locate a rental home for me in Atlanta?

  1. asif1234 says:

    Why would anyone do the legwork for you for free?

    Just live in a hotel or an extended stay place for a few days until you find something.

    Renting something sight unseen is risky anyway, and with the traffic in Atlanta, you would be better off finding something closer to your job.

  2. lady diezydog says:

    contact realtor companies in the atlanta area most Realtors especially in big towns and cities have many rentals that they oversee. they can tell what they have available or direct u to a Realtor company who does handle rentals. sometimes they have pics that they can send u so u can see what rental looks like.

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