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How do I find a part time accounting job in Houston, TX?

by tom44 on August 16, 2013

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Question by MO: How do I find a part time accounting job in Houston, TX?
Where can I look to find a part time accounting job in Houston? The local newspaper and job search engines don’t list many legitimate part time jobs. I know of several people (not personally) that do accounting part time, which is what my background is in. I don’t think that employment agencies usually have these types of jobs either. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Dr. Deth
see if there is a Robert Half/ Accountemps agency in your area

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2 thoughts on “How do I find a part time accounting job in Houston, TX?

  1. hatmoon_2000 says:

    Craigslist posts part-time accounting jobs in the Houston area. Check out the link below.

    Also, you can sign up to receive updates from the Daily Telecommuter which often includes accounting positions.

    Hope this helps!

  2. saulg21 says:
    Click on “Register as job seeker”.
    Enter job preference,education level ,desired rate of pay,part time or full time,and what part of the state or what city in Texas would you like to work in.
    Enter your work history for the last ten years and make sure you add on a couple of sentences stating what your duties were on that job. Also check if you want employers across the state to see your info.

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