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How do i bring green technology jobs to my city?

by tom44 on August 28, 2012

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Question by Angel: How do i bring green technology jobs to my city?
Im just an average citizen with no big wig connections and my city is so dead (we are close to west virginia) the hottest thing here is nursing but even that is becoming saturated. I think the wave of now that will really take off is green technology (saving the planet by conserving resources and energy) but how do I bring those types of jobs here?? Also since everyone is moving to the suburbs, the city would be a great place for these companies to set up because the property tax will be cheaper here…

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Answer by Strange Brew
Ask the mayor of your city about becoming green.

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One thought on “How do i bring green technology jobs to my city?

  1. leftcoastliz says:

    Solar energy installation is doing pretty well in our city & county due to the govt rebates that are back in effect again. So, if you don’t want to start a business in that, then encourage some young folks to do so. Also, encourage community colleges & your alma maters to offer training, which might go hand-in-hand with electricians’ training. Some solar training & green bldg training programs are offered at colleges on Saturdays to accommodate folks who may be already working in some field, such as contractor or electrician. There’s also room for advertisers & sales people in solar energy.

    Another field in our area is drought resistant landscaping. Last year, in our third year of drought, our city paid people to remove lawns & water-thirsty flowers & replace them drought resistant flowers, herbs, trees, & shrubs. Naturally, that’s quite a specialty field, along with native plants, that might interest some nurseries.

    Good luck & thanks for caring about the environment.

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