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how do i become a pilot for fedex?

by tom44 on March 13, 2014

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Question by Kevin: how do i become a pilot for fedex?
im 18 and I work at the hub in memphis and I want to become a pilot. I dont want to go in the serveces what so ever where do I Start. hoe do I pursue it.

Best answer:

Answer by card
A commercial airline pilot requires several licenses.
Before even being considered, you will need:

Commercial Pilot Certificate
Instrument Rating Cert.
1st Class (or possibly just 2nd Class) Medical Cert.
Multi-Engine Rating Cert.

Some places offer student loans, and even financial aid/scholarships. But to figure out your costs, here is a starting point.

You need 250 hours of logged flight time before you can test for your Commercial Pilot Certificate. Flight training costs between $ 75-100 per hour. That means you’ll have a cost of $ 18,750-$ 25,000 just for that. Additional certifications cost extra, as does use of flight simulators (also charged per hour usually). All in all, $ 35,000 to $ 40,000 seems to be a normal cost of schooling to be a fully-fledged pilot.

Also, when it comes to hiring, you may want to also get some sort of college degree. While it isn’t necessary for the job, it is a competitive job market and anything you can do to make you look better is worth it, even if it’s just an AS degree in something relevant like Electronics or Engineering.

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2 thoughts on “how do i become a pilot for fedex?

  1. MrAUDU says:

    Alas, poor Kevin. For openers you will probably need to be a 4-year college graduate. All of them have to be able to read and write the English language using proper grammar. That pretty much shoots your hopes in the head. Keep hubbing, partner.

  2. clayton says:

    O k, I wonder if you have been paying attention in English class. You need to be college material to pursue your dream of flying. You might go on line and check out the University of North Dakota’s Aerospace program. They train students from all over the world to become pilots. Also, they have 120 planes for training purposes. This University does not mess around, many students go on to the military to further train in fighter jet technology.

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