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How Do I become a Correctional Officer?

by tom44 on January 15, 2014

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Question by Mauricio: How Do I become a Correctional Officer?
Hey Guys,
Wondering if there was a certain way about taking the necessary steps to become a Correctional Officer?
Im 20 (21 in Oct), Weigh 220, and an 6’1.
Would there be and prerequisites preventing me from doing so?
Im looking for a government career in Phoenix AZ or somewhere closer to the Coachella Valley.
Thank’s guys for taking the time to view my question!!

Best answer:

Answer by charlsyeh
i really do not understand why you are asking should be asking the place you want to work.use common sense.the first thing you do is go and apply.they then will tell you what is next.
—————-retired texas deputy sheriff—————–

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One thought on “How Do I become a Correctional Officer?

  1. KT says:

    Go online and look for the Arizona Department of Corrections website. See if they are hiring correctional officers for the state prisons. You can also check the local county in Phoenix/Mesa for the Sheriffs department website to see if they are hiring jail detention officers. See what there requirements are and what the steps to getting hired is. Generally the steps are application, written test, interview, physical abilities test, background check, psychological, medical exam and then final job offer. The perquisites are probably 21 years old to be appointed, high school, no criminal record, and public job experience. To better your chances, I would recommend trying to find a job as a security guard, preferably at a shopping mall or hotel where you get a lot of public contact. Or even try being a Transportation Security Administration screener at Sky Harbor. That will look good on a correctional officer application because it will teach you responsibility, customer services, ranks, and learning to be in a position of authority. You seem to be physically in good shape so your physicals should not be an issue. Good Luck,

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