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How Democrats Lie About Health Care

by tom44 on May 13, 2014

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Hear about the Democrats’ lies about health care and education on this ZoNation. Democrats love to talk about the millions who don’t have health care. It tur…
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25 thoughts on “How Democrats Lie About Health Care

  1. nxe8500 says:

    Why do so many risk their lives to come to America? Great point! That’s why
    America is continually being flooded with Canadians and Europeans; they’re
    fleeing the horrors of the government-run healthcare in their home

  2. Billy Bragg says:
  3. Blake Thornhill says:

    Here’s an idea that’s pricy in the short run but great in the long run.
    Send all the socialists to socialist countries, and they get what they
    want. Problem solved.?

  4. gmwwc says:

    I sure hope you are speaking at meetings and gatherings!
    Yes the government can tax us to fund legitimate business of government,
    the key work there was LEGITIMATE.
    No, getting everyone on insurance will not make the price go down. That
    would not feed the insurance industry monster. Forcing the health care
    industry (that’s right it IS an industry) to get their prices in line would
    make the price go down.
    Understand this, Insurance is a PARASITE, like a Casino their cut comes off
    the top. The insured gets what is left when the Insurance company is
    through wasting money on executive vacations.
    People living on the public dole are going to have to get off it and I do
    not mean retired people living on SS, they PAID for that!?

  5. Cincy Guy says:

    I guess this guy doesn’t realize that property taxes and lottery pays for
    schools in this country, not income taxes. I wonder if he thinks income
    taxes pay for roads too? By the way, that is paid for by the tax on
    gasoline if u didn’t know. Don’t get me wrong, i agree with most of what he
    is saying, just not all of it.?

  6. pmcaninch42 says:

    Government’s not allowed to tax us? Somebody’s never read the Constitution.
    Quick, can anybody tell me what Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 says?
    Anybody? And while your at it, read the rest of it too. And then
    republicans will then complain about everything that’s actually in it.?

  7. Wisdombluetooth says:

    look who is talking….?


    You got that right!!!?

  9. Orthanc98 says:

    You people can justify socialist government programs anyway you want, at
    the end of the day its just leeches fleecing hard working people.?

  10. Patrick Baska says:
  11. John Wilkinson says:

    Love this guy!?

  12. Bill Collier says:

    The Lie about healthcare.?

  13. Ron Cummings says:

    Liberals lie about everything!?

  14. David Sulewski says:


  15. Scott Williamson says:
  16. Patrick Baska says:

    How Democrats Lie About Health Care?

  17. sugarbare46 says:

    This is what a foolish selfish clown looks like when he is selling his soul
    to white conservatives. Rambling BS with truth no where to be found.?

  18. carultch says:

    “Now I don’t care if a state wants to provide public education. I don’t
    agree that their government should be taxing income to pay for it.”

    Um… that’s what public education *is*. How else do you expect to pay for

  19. Panchee123 says:

    yeah it was declared constitutional, so was slavery at one time. You
    idiots think a law cant be repealed??

  20. mikebri527 says:

    No where does it say anyone has a “right” to patent a particular medicine.
    If you want to talk about PROPERTY rights, that’s a different topic and I
    am all for property rights. Which includes your wealth and your health
    among others. Another reason why gov’t shouldn’t tax our income or our
    property, and shouldn’t force us to by healthcare as they define it.

  21. Ivan Campbell says:


  22. urparanoia says:

    Yet only dems want to talk about the issue. You should pay more attention
    to what Warren Buffett says about the insane cost of Health Care and how it
    is hurting the country. Prior to the fin. crisis G.M . had to charge a
    additional $1500 per vehicle to pay for the rising cost of such for
    employees which is not a issue for foreign manufacturers since ALL
    developed nations have gov. health care for all citizens. When it comes to
    facts conserves avoid them like the plague.

  23. mikebri527 says:

    And the way we pay for public education is also immoral. People who don’t
    have kids in the school system are forced to pay for someone else’s kid.
    Being forced to pay for someone else’s kid’s education is immoral and wrong.

  24. mikebri527 says:

    I’m not going to entertain your “try to trap me” game of “let’s assume”.
    The fact of the matter is I have children in public schools and no I can’t
    afford private school. However, that doesn’t mean I agree with it. Instead
    of a “let’s assume” game, why don’t you really go and ask a senior citizen
    who’s living on a fixed income if they want their property taxes raised
    again to afford to send someone else’s kid to school or to pay for some
    lousy teachers retirement pension.

  25. Ivan Campbell says:

    It is true but under Obamacare would be a subsidy by the government and the
    insure will paid the rest, on the other hand with medicaid the taxpayer
    pick up the tap.

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