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How close is the show “bones” to a real life forensic anthropology job?

by tom44 on April 11, 2013

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Question by Jordy: How close is the show “bones” to a real life forensic anthropology job?
how often do real forensic anthropologists get cases?
do they really go through so many obstacles such as dealing with criminals trying to get revenge etc..
i know the show, like all other crime shows is exaggerated but this one is based on kathy riech’s life as a forensic anthropologist. so i was wondering.
God bless XD

Best answer:

Answer by Reagan Cantrell
on bones they might make it more dramatic but what they do is real Ps.I love that show she is pregnant now on show and in real life yay so excited its coming back onn

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2 thoughts on “How close is the show “bones” to a real life forensic anthropology job?

  1. Mike says:

    Not close really, sorry to disappoint. Notice how each show takes place over the course of 2-3 days and there many many many shows and well, cases. I’m real life you will NEVER get that amount of cases if you get a similar job but also the workplace is way more serious especially the government, cases don’t take days to solve, they take months, and a fraction of the technology used is pure fiction. Also the on the spot knowledge that exists in between the few main characters is impossible toeSure they know almost everything coincidentally that relates to the episode. I’m to tired to go on to keep comparing this to reality, I’m not saying anthropology is a bad job, it’s a needed csi thing but it’s not easily compareable to bones

  2. icabod says:

    Test aren’t completed in minutes. More often the test and retest take weeks.

    You don’t partner a scientist with an FBI agent. Not occasionally, much less full time.

    The diservice the “Bones” and “CSI” shows have done is to cause juries to expect evidence that shows the accused is the only person on the planet that could do the crime. In real crime, even fingerprints are often not found. Much less a nick of the third perimeter end bone that shows that…

    Here’s the clincher. How much do you think these government employees make? How much for the tests, much less the blow something up experiments? Do you think the budget people in Congress would fund such a thing? Certainly the FBI labs could do the same thing.

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