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How can moving to Europe benefit me?

by tom44 on June 15, 2013

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Question by FemiKuti: How can moving to Europe benefit me?
I really hope to move to Europe when I’m older, especially France. I’m only 14 now but I’m trying to start learning French to hopefully become fluent by the next 10 years. I live in Los Angeles now. Am I just wasting my time trying to get this dream going? What are the benefits of moving there instead of staying in the United States? Is it pointless? How hard is it to move there?

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Answer by Wulfen
Well you get free health care over there

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4 thoughts on “How can moving to Europe benefit me?

  1. acosta1035 says:

    living in europe is very competitive. My opinion is get good grades, and go to a prestigious school there.

  2. countrygirl says:

    I wouldn’t know for sure but if you moved soon then you wouldn’t be here if/when this disastorous election is over and one or the other gets elected. If Obama gets it we’re all doomed!!!!!!

  3. Rob C says:

    try this 6 day course (link below), its free,…and if you decide u wan2 continue, go ahead

    hope this helps,

    good luck :(=)

  4. mannahun says:

    Well, I am italian and I have been living in the US for a few years. Whether moving to Europe is going to benefit you certainly depends on what your job is going to be. Generally speaking, the lifestyle in Europe is quite different from the US, cities are different because they have been built earlier than in America and their structure influences the way you live, you move across the city, well, the way you interact with the urban environment around you. Italy has a stronger social connective tissue, so to say, which you can get used to, but I guess that at a first glance it may feel like a deprivation of freedom for an american citizen living over there (again, this is just my guess). There are certain habits to learn and to live by, there is a different language (but thats not a big obstacle), nothing really huge, but many little details to get adjusted to. But the same happened to me when i moved over here, and I survived:) actually i enjoy living in the US a lot. Similarly I think you would enjoy your new home. Above all, the sensation of being in a totally different place, where nobody knows you, where you really can be anything you want, like having a blank canvas before your eyes, waiting only to be filled with new colors, is priceless.
    As far as job goes, salaries for typically high income professions in the US (like medical career) are not so rewarding in Europe (at least in Italy), so you shouldnt be looking forward to make a lot of money. You are not going to starve, you are certainly going to find a job, and have a decent living, but you shouldnt expect to own your little house in a neighborhood, often you just rent an apartment in a townhouse and thats it, the ways the cities developed (with very high population densities) just made architecture very different from your average american town. On the other hand you are going to enjoy taking a walk downtown, which is not a soulless crowd of offices but usually the historically important part of the city, with a main square, a church, old buildings, a nice old spot around which the life of the city, and your own, revolve.
    I dont know what to recommend you. I would say, take your time, you said you are 14, and dont give up your dream, you are too young to give up dreams, hold on to them, and keep them tight. Study french, or whatever other idiom you think will be useful to you to travel. Then try to save some money and go to Europe for a couple of weeks, there are many relatively inexpensive ways to do it, just have a look around, try to understand if you like what you see. if you still think the same, well, there shouldnt be many burocratic obstacles for an american citizen to move to Europe, I reckon it is going to be quite easy.

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