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How can I relocate to Dallas Tx from CA with a guaranteed Job?

by tom44 on August 24, 2013

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Question by Grown: How can I relocate to Dallas Tx from CA with a guaranteed Job?
My family and I have been wanting to move to the Dallas Area for a long time but would really like to have a job lined up so that we don’t have to struggle with our finances.

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Answer by Meg M
You’ll have to travel a bit for interviews and such, but I can tell you now that one of the best places to check for job openings is the websites for the local news channels. Look up WFAA Dallas, I know for a fact they show a different job every day.

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3 thoughts on “How can I relocate to Dallas Tx from CA with a guaranteed Job?

  1. Prairie Girl says:

    If you want a guaranteed job in Dallas then you’ll have to transfer with the company you work for now.

  2. Andrew says:

    Get hired here in Dallas before you move…

  3. Gary C says:

    Well, unless you have a firm job offer when you move, you won’t have much security there.
    Lots of people have moved to Dallas over the years expecting to get good jobs, and many of them have been disappointed.

    Probably the best way to have a guaranteed job is to work for a national company or agency that can transfer you to the place you want to live.

    There are a few jobs where you can work from anywhere you want, but these jobs aren’t easy to find these days. If you have a job that involves a lot of travel, it could be an advantage to live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, because the airports there are major hubs for several airlines.

    There are a few jobs that are in such demand that if you are licensed and any good at the job, you are almost guaranteed work. Chief among these, I think, are nurses, physical therapists, and medical technicians. Dallas has a lot of hospitals and a large medical school, and I know a number of nurses there, and none of them has ever had trouble getting a job.

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