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How can i persuade that the bad economy and job loss is a prevalent issue in America today?

by tom44 on November 29, 2012

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Question by poopiir: How can i persuade that the bad economy and job loss is a prevalent issue in America today?
I have to write a persuasive speech on a prevalent issue in america today and i chose the economy and job loss/unemployment. I am finding it hard to come up with how i am gonna go about this speech, how should i set it up and what should i include? Any help please?

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Answer by ThomasTJP
You can’t set this up. There is no argument to it. It is obvious that this is a prevalent issue, not only in the US but on a global scale. If you re-read your question, it is hard to come up with a “persuasive” argument for your topic. I think you need to take on a different approach that you can argue.

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One thought on “How can i persuade that the bad economy and job loss is a prevalent issue in America today?

  1. Wanderlust says:

    Highlight that the global nature of this issue makes it one the government needs to address promptly. Back after the Great Depression, many new jobs were created through FDR’s “New Deal” which instituted numerous governmental departments and positions. Things like the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) were created and still exist today. I would not mention that one thing that helped was America’s involvement in WWII. That is a sticky topic; I did a mock trial in high school that argued if FDR knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen so we would want to enter the war and new jobs as soldiers would be created.

    A temporary “stop order” on outsourcing jobs to other countries might also be necessary. Any positions that go to China, India, etc. never return, which is “cutting off our nose to spite our face” economically over the long haul.

    You might want to highlight personal responsibility we can take. Many people are too stubborn to take a pay cut, even for a short time, because they are “holding out” for something better. I would say to collect your unemployment, adjust your standards of living (do you really NEED Dish TV network, a brand-new car, expensive vacations, meals out 10x/week, etc?), and begin working again as quickly as possible.

    It’s going to be a long haul no matter what the government and individual americans do, but we can pull through.

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