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How can I move to Las Vegas and become a bartender at a nightclub ?

by tom44 on July 15, 2013

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by Cayusa

Question by Black Jack: How can I move to Las Vegas and become a bartender at a nightclub ?
My name is Mike. I am in my thirties and I just got layed off from my banking job. I am enrolling in bartending school to become a bartender and then my dream is to move to Las Vegas and become a bartender at a nightclub. Can someone out there tell me what that will take ? How can I accomplish that goal with no experience ?

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Answer by DH
Get experience.

Start working at a bar while you’re going to school. Then, once you get out of school, and have worked the bar scene for a few months, start calling around to the clubs in Vegas. Or, just move out there after you finish your schooling, get a job in a small bar and work your way up.

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2 thoughts on “How can I move to Las Vegas and become a bartender at a nightclub ?

  1. kappy says:

    You can cross your fingers and hold your breath. The clubs out there need people that are used to working in a fast paced atmosphere

  2. LC says:

    To be qualified for most casinos, you have to have some amount of experience in the hospitality industry. This means high-volume hospitality environments, not a mom-and-pop restaurant that dishes out a few drinks here and there. We’re talking thousands of customers per shift. If not, your best bet is to take a class in bartending or dealing when you get here. Don’t bother taking a bartending class before you head out as Las Vegas bartending requires a unique set of skills for serving the clientele. Some of the places I found while scouring the streets are:

    * ABC Bartending
    * PCI Dealers School
    * Las Vegas School of Dealing
    * Dealers Training Center

    These schools say that they will teach you “Las Vegas Style Bartending” in a week or two and they will provide a qualification class to help you obtain your Alcohol Awareness Card. Of course, prepare yourself to have to put out the money up front and find a place to stay while going to class and job hunting. However, most of the schools in the area provide placement counseling to help you find a job when you graduate.

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