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How can i land a full-time job in los angeles?

by tom44 on November 5, 2013

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Question by tammimystery: How can i land a full-time job in los angeles?
it’s been so frustrating finding a full-time job with benefits in los angeles. i graduated last year with a 3.9 gpa in international business from a top-notch university. for the last 2 years, i have been working 39 hours a week as a public relations coordinator. my dept. wont let me work 40 hours, or else they would need to give me benefits. i am so frustrated with the job hunt. i know i have what it takes to be a great employee, but i can’t even get an interview. my resume, cover letter, skills etc. are great. however, i don’t know very many people in los angeles, and i realize networking is extremely important. that’s why i’m getting to know more people now, but i need to pay the bills in the meantime! so far, i’ve mainly been looking for marketing positions through online job searches, but none of them have been fruitful. where and how can i get the chance to showcase my abilities (at least to get an interview). all i want is the chance to work at an accredited company. thanks

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Answer by Joseph Sgro need to get your hands dirty..

Check this out..small upfront cost
but it will open your eyes to what is happening
out there and will possibly give you an idea
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2 thoughts on “How can i land a full-time job in los angeles?

  1. firetdriver_99 says:

    You must be picky the help wanted adds are 20 some pages long full of full time jobs in the LA times. If you cant find one your not looking hard enough. I would check your labor laws I think they are wrong about paying you benefits, I think they have to give you benefits after 32hrs n a work week check up on that they may be screwing you on that.

  2. Patty D says:

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