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How can I hire a right sales person without spending any money on job placement advertisment?

by tom44 on November 19, 2012

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Question by Thomas: How can I hire a right sales person without spending any money on job placement advertisment?
I need to hire a sales person for my Accounting business.(North Atlanta, GA) All the job placement web sites are charging a fee. Please tell me any ideas to hire the right person without spending money on job placement ads. If you know a good sales person interested in outside sales, please post a message.

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Answer by aznjoj
the internet

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4 thoughts on “How can I hire a right sales person without spending any money on job placement advertisment?

  1. beccajones84 says:

    Go to and set up an account as an employer so you can veiw resumes. Really intelligent people post on that site. When you see someone you like, give them a call to set up an interview.

  2. catnip says:

    Have you tried asking any business contacts if they know of any qualified sales people that are looking for a new job? What about trying an employment agency? Or seeing if local schools have any bulletin boards or something like that where you can post your opening.

  3. sunny says:

    hire family or freinds

  4. Peter says:

    Let me offer another perspective. Since an effective sales person is critical to the performance of your business, you can’t afford to take too many risks. One of the greatest challenges that small business owners face is difficulty recruiting, training and managing good sales people. I would therefore reccommend two options: a) Work through your professional network to identify resources. Where do the best sales people come from? Can you hire someone from your competitors? Can your professional colleagues offer advice, reccommend potential candidates? b) use a recruiter who will “warranty” the hire. Be specific about what needs to be accomplished right off the bat and the investment you will make in a recruiter will greatly speed your ability to reach your business goals instead of risking that you recruit and hire the wrong person.

    Having done it both ways, I find that a good recruiter, who understands the needs of your business and offers a fair rate saves you a lot of headache and brings better candidates to the table.

    Sometimes low-cost ad-placement services bring in sub-standard candidates. The best, most-qualified candidates market themselves through resources with the best earning potential (the best crop of potential employers).

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