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how can I get a real estate license in Boston Massachusetts?

by tom44 on April 28, 2013

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Question by bubi: how can I get a real estate license in Boston Massachusetts?
I would like to be a rental/sale real estate agent in Boston, MA. What am I supposed to do? Where can I take the examination and what courses should I complete?

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Answer by martinamagrace
First, you need a broker to “sponser” you. If you get your Realtor’s license you must have some where legal to place it. You can’t just “go get a license”.

It is the same all over. You have to take a class consisting of so many hours. You have to pass a test after completing the class. IF you take the required class and pass the test, you go on and take the state board. Real Estate laws vary from state to state. You can be licensed in more than one state but you have to take their state board and pass it.

IF you pass the state board test you can go to work for your sponser. You can leave that employment if you choose to and go some where else as long as you have a broker that holds your license for you. If you do not have a broker, the broker you left has to send your license back to the board. You cannot practice without it. If you are in between jobs or decide you don’t want to do Real Estate for awhile, you may contact the board and escrow your license with them for a certain period of time.

You also have to complete a class of continuing education every year. It has to be an 8 hour class. If you do not complete the class, you cannot practice. There isn’t a test at the end of the class. You just have to attend.

That is about it. You will receive training from your broker as to what the company expects and any other classes they require you to take. They usually pay for your initial Realtor’s class and any others you take.

If you want to become a broker you can do so after a certain amount of time spent working under a broker. That should be your goal because that is where the BIG money is.

Good Luck and Kiss your life (as you know it good bye) Real Estate is a full, full, full, full time job or you don’t make enough to live on. Your phone rings 24/7 (if you are lucky) You show homes 24/7 (if you are lucky) You never complete a meal (if you are lucky) There is back stabbing like you have never seen before in your life. We used to have an old rule, “if you show someone more than five houses, they will end up buying from someone else.” That was about 20 years ago when I worked in the field. NOW, it is normal to show FIFTY homes. I would never make it now…………..When I left I went into Apartment and condo management. I liked the steady paycheck and more regular hours.

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One thought on “how can I get a real estate license in Boston Massachusetts?

  1. bouchu says:

    To become a real estate agent, you must obtain a license from the state where you plan to work. Most states require that you have at least a high school diploma to receive your license. There are some states that require the applicant to attend a real estate school prior to taking the test…

    To see the whole report:

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