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How can i get a job as a hot walker or groom?

by tom44 on May 13, 2013

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by wallyg

Question by Oona: How can i get a job as a hot walker or groom?
I want to get more experience with horse racing so i was thinking they would be perfect jobs for me. The only problem is I don’t know how to go about getting one. I live in Bucks County, PA. Should I go to the track nearest to me or should i try and find a racing stable close to me? and if i should go to a stable, do you know any?

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Answer by * Miss Winchester *
Either going to a racing stable or a track close to you would be the best..probably if you can find a racing stable would be the better of the two!
good luck!!

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One thought on “How can i get a job as a hot walker or groom?

  1. Karmageddon (water temp. 77) says:

    Well, if you live in Bucks County, your best bet is to go to the stable gate at Philadelphia Park, just off Street Road in Bensalem. Do not go to the main gate, but go to the stable gate in the early morning, around training hours and explain to the security guards at the gate that you are looking for a job (you have to be licensed to have access to the backstretch area, or permission if visiting).

    You also can try going to the races in the afternoon and approaching a trainer in the paddock, this however is not always the most ideal time so you have to choose your timing carefully because in the paddock they are busy with saddling their horse, the owners, jockeys, etc., but often before or after a race you can catch them or a member of their staff briefly and inquire; however usually your best bet is going to the stable gate in the morning.

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