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How can I get a hospital job in Miami, Florida?

by tom44 on November 5, 2012

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Question by michelle: How can I get a hospital job in Miami, Florida?
Hello, I’ve been applying to many diff. hospital jobs in Miami for the last month now, and I have yet to have any luck. My mother works at a hospital but she acts like it’s a problem recommending me so im taking things into my own hands now. I’m currently in school for Diagnostic Medical Sonography, I would like to work in a hospital so when the time comes for me to graduate in a get a job matching my college major i would already be known in the hospital. Basically i’m trying to get my foot in the door. I have the e-mail address from one of the human resource members that works at a hospital i applied to. I was wondering should i just be straight forward and e-mail her with my resume and explain to her that im interested in a job there? I don’t know what to do im so confused about this situation. I really need some advice and if you have any advice on what i should say to the human resource member when i e-mail her please let me know. Thank you

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Answer by Atharva Down
So, you want to get a HJ? Well I know many places where you can get a HJ. Just ask you lover for one.

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  1. Jason Williams says:

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