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how can i find a job in miami?

by tom44 on June 12, 2014

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Question by erik: how can i find a job in miami?
im 20years old and i didn’t finish my high-school.

and now i realize that i need a job, but how i can fine a job ,and where. i mean does any company gonna hire a people who even didn’t finish their high-school !

and now i am looking forward, i wanna earn some mone and rent a apt. and start my new life!
and now i am doing my GED, so which mean i can work at 9AM to 5PM, cuz my class start by 6PM.
does anyone can tell me how to apply a job! and where! and speak of which , my English is kinda sucks! lol

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Answer by Nyasia
It’s never always crystal clear how to go about hunting for a job, I was in a bit of a rut for the last month when I was job searching, until I unearthed the resource in the box below that has sensible tips. I soon got myself going down the proper track, and in a couple of weeks after a few interviews I secured a really excellent job.

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One thought on “how can i find a job in miami?

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