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How can i find a job as a new nurse in Denver CO?

by tom44 on August 22, 2012

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Question by Pachoncita: How can i find a job as a new nurse in Denver CO?
i graduated about 5 months ago with a BSN and got my license as an RN about a month ago. Since then no one has wanted to hire me – i don’t have any previous hospital experience and they say i am not a good candidate. What should i do? Could i work as a CNA until i have enough experience within the hospital? i really don’t want to move. Help!

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Answer by the crusader
Try going to an employment agency. I can’t believe that with the great nursing shortage in this country that nobody will hire you. You’re a RN, you shouldn’t have to do the job of a CNA.

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2 thoughts on “How can i find a job as a new nurse in Denver CO?

  1. Job Search Pro says:

    If you want to take pot luck on what’s available right at this moment, check out – is a job aggregator – it pulls job openings off large job sites as well as smaller job sites, online classified ads, and employer sites.

    I just did a quick search on RN for Denver, and then selected “Internships” from the list of “Job Types” in the left column since those jobs would not expect someone with a lot of experience. Three jobs are posted right now –

    Another really good site is –

    Targeting a specific employer is a good strategy, and is a good source of employers by state –

    Two other sources of help for you:

    1.) The school where you got your BSN should have a career center that should help you connect with appropriate employers.

    2.) The State of Colorado has Career One-Stop Centers scattered across the state to provide assistance to job seekers. See this page for a list of all state employment centers – – or check your local Yellow Pages for their phone number.

    Good luck! You should do fine.

  2. Karin C says:

    Actually you can get a job in a nursing home or assisted living they are always looking for nurses for different shifts to work. It may not pay as much as the hospital but it will pay the bills. Also, you might try Doctors offices they need nurses to work for them too. Home Health agencies are always looking for nurses as well as Home Hospice agencies. Hope this helps you out.

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