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How can I become a mailman in philadelphia ?

by tom44 on July 31, 2013

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Question by Gilmarie F: How can I become a mailman in philadelphia ?
I recently graduated high school , I am looking for a job , I dont start college until fall 2012 so I have nothing much to do I heard mailman get pay a decent amount of money and the job is pretty fun not having a boos on your back , I am willing to become a mailman for a few years I need some info on what to do in order to become a mailman . Please help I need a job now!!

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Answer by Steve D
The odds are against you getting hired – because of budget problem, the postal service is actually laying off people and are under a hiring freeze. The only jobs being filled are those that no one already employed want and there are hundreds of applicants for those positions. As for not having a boss on your back, because of the budget problems, postal carriers are being tracked closely, so if you don’t do your job, your boss will be all over your back. In any event, if you still want to apply, try this web site and do a search for your state:

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One thought on “How can I become a mailman in philadelphia ?

  1. Judy says:

    Apply, but be aware that it generally takes several years to get hired, if you do even then. And the post office is having hard times, so is more likely to be laying off than hiring.

    If you’re thinking you might get a job for this summer, chances are basically zero.

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