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How can I afford to go to New York?

by tom44 on August 14, 2013

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Question by Elle: How can I afford to go to New York?
I’m looking for some really good internships and most of them are based in New York, I have no connection and enough money to buy only a plane ticket there and some savings.

I know this question is very vague because it depends and mostly its about the money, but if you know any afforable student housing or shared apartments that are very safe and AFFORDABLE, tell me please! I really want this internship and am looking for a new experience for the summertime.

I’m working for my parents, but eventually i want to find another job before summer and save up. What are some things I need to know before flying out to New York for a job interview?

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Answer by killer polo
The Quakers actually run some sort of communal living apartments in Midtown Manhattan, where you pay cheap rent but you agree to help out with chores. I’ve been there once, to pick up a friend. Pretty nice place too. And no, you don’t have to be a Quaker to apply.

This was many years ago, so I’m wondering if it still exists. You’ll have to google it and do a little bit of research. I forgot the name.

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One thought on “How can I afford to go to New York?

  1. Mynameis says:

    just get some quite cheap flights like american airways and stuff!when i went to new york i was glad i flew with virgin atlantic because 7 hours is a bit too much to be clamed into a tiny space,so mabey it would be easier to save up!i dont know?
    hope you enjoy new york as much as i did..
    good luck

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