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How can a Canadian student get to a American university?

by tom44 on June 5, 2013

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Question by Joseph: How can a Canadian student get to a American university?
I’m 15, and I live in Toronto, Canada right now, but I would really like to go to a university in the US, especially one in North Carolina like UNC or Duke. I have relatives who live in Raleigh, NC and I have visited many times with my parents, and I really like it there. I have even seen the UNC campus in Chapel Hill, and I think I would like to go there.

But I would like to know how I can make this possible? I guess I would need a student visa to do that, but when should I start looking into that or applying for that? Should I start all that now, or do I still have time? I’m in grade 9 right now. And if I go to the US on a student visa is it possible to apply for permenant residency once I’m there? Because I want to live there aswell. I’m trying really hard in my work at school so I can get good grades, and I’m not very popular because of it so I really want to make my goal, but I need to know how to start doing that, and if I can stay once I’m there?
I also hear that to get to a US university, you have to be good at sports like football or soccer or they won’t let you in. Is that just a rumor, because some kids at my school have said that??

Best answer:

Answer by sociald
Lol the sports thing you heard is a bunch of crap.

I have known quite a few Canadians who have gone to school in the USA. And I can only think of one of them that played any sports at all.
Keep working hard at schooling. If you want to do well and you work hard you will succeed and you will live your dreams.
Good luck.

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4 thoughts on “How can a Canadian student get to a American university?

  1. Julia B says:

    Most of the colleges around the Detroit MI / Windsor ON area have a reciprocity arrangement. Check into that with your guidance counselor.

  2. East Coaster says:

    Yes, but if you come here illegally in a lot of instances you can get “in-state” tuition [an extremely] reduced amount.

  3. smedrik says:

    Speak with you guidance councilor. Yes you can attend an American university. You will have to arrange to write the SATs which are a pre-requisite for any American university. Be prepared that American Universities are much more expensive than Canadian ones.

    one you have gained acceptance to a school you will need a student Visa which is only useful to live in the USA as a student.

    Providing you have a good GPA and do well on your SATs most American Universities will be happy to welcome you to their student body.

  4. hotdoggiegirl says:

    You are way ahead of the game! You’ll want to take the SAT or ACT (I took both) to apply to US colleges. You’ll need to get your transcripts ready (luckily you won’t need translations!) to send. You’ll want to look at their website for the application deadlines for international students (usually 6 months earlier than others). You’ll be applying for an F-1 student visa. These require that you have enough funding for your entire stay. Make sure you check out the out-of-state tuition and multiply it by 4. You’ll need to get a certified bank statement of who ever will be paying that shows enough funding for all four years of college.

    After you’ve been accepted, the university will send you an I-20 and specific instructions. You’ll need to pay the mandatory $ 100 SEVIS fee for the I-20, make an appointment at the US Embassy and go for an interview. The most important part of this process is to show that you have “ties to home”–basically that you’re not immigrating to the US and this stay is temporary. This may be hard since you already have family in the US. Do not ever lie to an immigration officer, but I wouldn’t bring it up unless that ask specifically about family in the US. The best ways to show ties to home is that your immediate family is still in Canada, you’ll have job offers after college, girlfriend, if you own a car, personal bank information, etc. Good luck!

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