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How bad is the job market in the San Francisco Bay Area?

by tom44 on June 19, 2014

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Question by g-money: How bad is the job market in the San Francisco Bay Area?
I know that the economy is bad and there are a lot of people who are out of work. But I’m wondering, how bad is the job market in the San Francisco Bay Area?

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Answer by tom c
As in California, bay area has one of highest unemployment rates in the nation, 12% official, 20% unofficial

Jobs are scarce, average 1 position gets 15 applicants, some even get 40 to 100 applicants. Most resumes get no responses

Most hiring are not immediate and self- motivated, many job posts end up no hiring, no interviews,some are very picky waiting for perfect matcher.

For those over 45 yo, long term unemployed, new graduates, foreign born and non-white, it is special hard to get a job, Any job. Currently UC last year graduates 25% are still no jobs.

Some employers take advantage of high unemployment, and only offer $ 6/hour cash wage for job seekers, well below legal minimal wage.

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3 thoughts on “How bad is the job market in the San Francisco Bay Area?

  1. ajtheactress says:

    It is the worst I have seen it in over 25 years in SF. There are very few jobs unless you are in IT or medicine. I have friends who have been out of work for 5 or more years, and lots of us who are working are earning an income only by working multiple part time jobs. In addition if you can find a job the pay rate is about 30% less than the same job was paying 3 years ago.

    The state average unemployment rate is 12.9% with SF being closer to 15%. The official numbers don’t include the many people who are no longer getting unemployment benefits and have simply given up on finding a job. In reality the unemployment is probably closer to 19% in The City.

    You can check out employment opportunities on craig’s list but in reality, if you are planning on moving here do not move until you have a firm job offer.

    Check out craigslist for some idea of just how dismal it is in SF and the bay area. Also don’t neglect to check housing prices because you will have a hard time in the Bay Area if you are making less that $ 50k a year.

  2. ChoDuffield says:

    My company currently has 50 openings and is having problems filling them. These are mainly programmers who, apparently, are very picky considering the massive unemployment that is being reported.

  3. duke D says:

    American economy runs on consumer spending and you go to downtown SF and w/ the empty
    street level storefronts- it looks like some german city after WW2
    However, the tech sector is on fire. If you have that skill, no problem.
    Everyone in town these days seems to be 23 yrs. old. and work in a bar, a bike shop or a coffee
    shop. The city of SF always hires- can you get a job there?

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