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by tom44 on April 24, 2014

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According to an article I read on Yahoo Finance within the past few weeks (… Houston is on a list of cities that are recommended as being one of the best to currently find employment. I am from NYC,lost my full-time job three months ago,and have had no success finding full time employment. I am considering some options,one of which is to leave NY for awhile if I am able to secure a decent paying position. Houston may be one of the places on my list. Houstonians,and especially Lakewood Church members(I would love to be able to attend church there): is is true-is Houston THE place to be now as far as jobs/relocation;would you recommend your city to a Yankee,and why?

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Answer by -MiRnA-
I’m from Houston and recently moved to Arkansas a year ago,
I really love Houston I mean a big city, and you know there
is diff. opportunities but then again the way the economy is…you
know it’s difficult to find a job now a days, but I would reccomend
it if you would like to go there nice place, and Lakewood Church…big churc i been there several times…

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  1. VIJAI says:


    Houston is the 4th largest city in USA, It is head quarters for many corporates. It is one of the least affected cities during the recessions times. We only had around 7-8% unemployment during the peak recession time last year. Its getting so much better now. The city is vibrant with diverse people. Lot of nice places to eat, nice neighboorhood around the town. Only problem will be public transport you won’t find like NYC. So you might have to get used to the long commutes.

    It is a good city to jump back on track with new job and buy a cheap house compared to hefty priced mansions in NYC. You should surely consider moving in.. DO check out for more help,

  2. sciwhiz says:

    Hi Renee. I live in Houston, but am a born-and-raised east coaster. My city of choice is Philadelphia, but my job market is in Houston (oil and gas) so I moved here in January for a job. It’s different from NYC or Philly in that it’s extremely spread out and there are no zoning law. You know how all the business are in one spot in NYC and all the homes are in another and all the restaurants and shops in another? Well, in Houston, they are all mixed together. The headquaters of a company are next to an apartment complex which is next to a grocery store which is next to a strip mall.

    In terms of how it compares to an east coast city like Philly: My number one beef is culture. You know how there’s the irish part of a city? Or the italian part or the Jewish part? Houston doesn’t have that. It does have a chinatown, which is supposed to be really good and it has good mexican food (I think NM and AZ have way better though), but it doesn’t have a cultural feel to it like a city like NYC, Philly, Tucson, or Albuquerque does. It also doesn’t have the rough edge of NYC or Philly. You know they unapologetic tough guy feeling… But, Houston isn’t an immigrant city like the east coast ones are, and I feel most people are transplants.

    I have been called a ‘yankee’ a few times, but it was all in good fun, and Houston doesn’t really exude “Texas” the way other cities like EL Paso or Dallas may. Like I said, most people who live here seem to be transplants. They are also all really nice and friendly. And Texas BBQ is absolutely delicious.

    Another beef- there really isn’t much do here like there is Philly. My family came to visit in March and we aren’t museum kind of city visitors. We’re bar district visitors. When we go out in philly, we dress up and party in center city at posh bars. I have yet to find something like that here. There is a bit of it downtown, but nowhere near like Philly. It also doesn’t have a restaurant vibe going on. There is a reason Top Chef did a season in NYC…

    Now, the good stuff:

    You absolutely need a car in Houston. No subways, no walking to places. There is a light rail that connects the neighborhood of Midtown to Downtown and there is talk of expansion. The bus system is really good compared to other cities I’ve lived in. The crowd on the buses is mostly people going to and from work. I know more people who take the bus to work than drive to work. I don’t find traffice terrible at all – except around 5pm during the week – depending on where you are in the city.

    Houston is uber-cheap to live in. My rent for a one bedroom, 985 sq-ft apartment, with vaulted ceilings, track lighting, central air, and hard wood floors and private porch is $ 1000. Rent includes cable, water and a security alarm. This would run me $ 2000 in philly, and it wouldn’t look nice… You could easily find a nice apartment here for $ 800-$ 700/month. I found my place on People who own condos post them on there for rent (and purchase). The suburbs are equally nice and if you’re looking to buy a house (remember that $ 8000 tax credit!), then you’ll no doubt find an incredibly nice one for super cheap. A friend of mine has a nice house and he paid around $ 150,000. IT needed some work, but it was already gorgeous.

    I feel safe in Houston, but I live in a good area of town and my apartment complex is gated. There is a problem with auto theft/car break-ins here, so I recommend living in a place where there is secure garage, a gate, or your own private garage. Or, make sure your car has an alarm system and your tires have wheel locks.

    It doesn’t matter where you live Houston, you’ll be a five minute drive from a grocery store, gas station, restaurants, bars, and shops. There is a huge mall (similar to King of Prussia) in Houston called The Galleria Mall. Any shop you’d ever need is there.

    Of my friends who own houses and live in the suburbs, the mostly like Katy, Pearland, and Sugarland. Of my friends who live in the city, they live in Midtown or the Galleria. Midtown is where most 20-30 something professionals live and it has a good bar and restaurant district.

    Houston is one of the best (maybe it is the best in the country) for medical care. This is one of the reasons Houston has not suffered as badly as other cities during this recession. Houston is a 3 hour drive to Austin and I think a 2 hour drive to San Antonio. It’s 5 hours from New Orleans, and Galveston is only 1 hour away. The music scene suffers because Austin is like the music hub of the world, but major acts still come here and usually play at venues downtown. There are jazz and indie bars in the midtown area that play smaller acts. It gets REALLY humid and hot in the summer (from May-October). You might wear a winter coat 2 weeks out of the year…

    A friend of mine goes to church at Lakewood and she loves it. Absolutely loves it. The crowd is (as you’ve seen on TV) HUGE.

    SO, as a yankee, I would recommend Houston. I don’t plan on living here forever because I much prefer the vibe of a city like Philadelphia. But, right now, I can’t complain. It has everything one would need, it’s nice, the people are nice, it’s close to other cities, and it’s cheap.

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