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Houston Texaplex

by tom44 on September 12, 2012

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23 thoughts on “Houston Texaplex

  1. hexonyx22 says:

    I can’t? wait to move back to Kingwood. I miss Houston soooo much.

  2. teohrealty says:

    My home for? 30+ years! I Love Houston1

  3. TubbsLite says:

    Party on Westheimer!!?

  4. TubbsLite says:

    come on down!!!?

  5. knuck23 says:

    That’s it!? 2011 I’m there!!

  6. GinaBowlesdotcom says:

    This is why Jimmy Reed and Gina Bowles are doing the group mentorings and bus buying tours in one of the hottest markets in the country!? Also getting ready to do tours in hot markets like Orlando and Las Vegas!

  7. MrMw2nolife says:

    me too?

  8. MrMw2nolife says:

    houston owns and plz say? houston he have lift off

  9. semina25 says:

    This video makes me want to pack my bags? and move to Houston ASAP!!!
    I am so ready to move there. Ten more months!

  10. ggskater says:

    you should make one for austin and? san antonio

  11. qiqelago says:

    nice city!? greetings from México

  12. ItsJessieNotJesse says:

    where it says embed to thr? right.

  13. chostany says:

    Proud to be? a houstonian 🙂

  14. girlonlaptop says:


  15. TexasBornTexasStrong says:

    Houston? City of Infinite Possibilities

  16. hookemhomes says:

    How do I get the code to imbed??

  17. neighborhoodcenters says:

    This is great! Don’t forget Houston is also home to one of the largest human services nonprofits in the nation – Neighborhood Centers Inc.?

  18. TexasMLS says:

    DFW is next, then Austin and San? Antonio.

  19. reedermh says:

    Mr. Winans–Do you have any plans to create similar? videos for the other major Texaplex cities?

  20. kristiegibson08 says:

    Grant Marshall Group is happy to have collaborated with David Winans on this amazing project! The Grant Marshall Group principals are native Houstonians and we’re proud to belong in the Houston skyline and contribute to this? World Class City.

  21. ouisiegirl says:

    I really enjoyed this very informative video! Excellent work.?

  22. houstonmichele says:

    Love? this Video!!!

  23. Knic Pfost says:

    Wow, Houston’s? quite a city!

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