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Hospital Job in Portland, OR?

by tom44 on June 10, 2012

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Question by Whitney: Hospital Job in Portland, OR?
I am taking a year off from college at Boston University and would like to work in a hospital because I’m considering going into nursing after I finish my bachelors. As I attempt to apply online, however, I am noticing that I do not have a lot of transferable skills to enter the healthcare field, even as a secretary.

Does anyone know a hospital in Portland that would have jobs with clerical positions that I would actually have the prerequisites for? Can I substitute 2 years at BU for an associates and apply for those positions? Can I put my 2 summers clerical work down as an equivalent to 2 years, or can I only use 6 months? Does my anatomy class in high school (which I got college credit for) count as an understanding of medical terminology? Does anyone have suggestions of other places I can go to get a feel for medicine if the hospital search doesn’t work?

Best answer:

Answer by Michael R
I would suggest that you check into Shriners Hospital for Children – Portland Oregon. There you might get a clerical job with some nursing assisting where you can learn more about the field. Also, there you may find them willing to work with you to help you get your Nursing degree.

I hope this helps.

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