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Hooters…Good Job Or Bad Job?

by tom44 on April 5, 2014

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Question by so_sexych2: Hooters…Good Job Or Bad Job?
Me and ma friend went to the prominade ta eat at hooters till one of the hooters girls asked us bout workin at hooters we thought it was good…so she brings the manager he talks with us sayin that we’re very pretty girls and do need more girls with energy and a pretty smile,of corse we applied since we were recomended but do ya think that hooters is a good job or a bad job ta work at?

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Answer by PhizZingFree
Sure…just dont let the pervs get at you

At the end it totally depends on if YOU like the job

Best of luck to your job!

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17 thoughts on “Hooters…Good Job Or Bad Job?

  1. ekaty84 says:

    I’ve heard you can make good money if you don’t mind the outfit and guys being rude.

  2. Schmitz says:

    good money and good benefits… last time i heard….

  3. ML says:

    if you want to be known for you body good job. If you want the men to know what color your hair or eyes are bad job

  4. tim e says:

    hooters sucks!!!!

  5. rocky j says:

    yes i thibk so

  6. freddievsskeletor says:

    Well, if you don’t mind being objectified by masogonistic men than i’d say go for it. you’ll probably do better in tips than at most other restaurants.

  7. Aljohn T says:

    its a great job..they make good money..its an honest job. dont let the stereotypes about those jobs get to u. Im a guy and i applied there.

  8. lees_sword says:

    Being a guy, I’ve not the foggiest idea.

    But all the gals I’ve seen working at Hooters seem to be having a great time–AND they have a chance to really meet guys, you know what I mean (in a nice way, of course).

  9. Jet says:

    Muy Bueno

  10. Derwood H. Stevens says:

    You will get good tips for wiggling your hooters and booties in mens’ faces.

    If you and your friend are that kinda girls …..GO FOR IT.

    You will not get respect but you will make decent money.

    If you can live with being called a cheap floozie then go for it….

  11. leo says:

    I would think as far a money (tips) you could do well and most of the customers probably behave themselves but I was also there when a boss of mine reviewed an application and said she would not hire someone who had worked at hooters but on the other hand she was an ugly, ignorant , cow, so if it seems good to you go for it

  12. Cali girl 06! says:

    OK well I don’t want to be judgemental but I guess I have to be in this situation from the reputation that Hooter’s girls get and how many jokes are made about them and things like that shows that it’s not a very classy job, I mean it seems really degrading to be in a skimpy tank top and short shorts obviously they are hinting at somehting about women and it seems that the women who work there have no self respect or people just don’t have respect for them! And if it’s not a job that you would be proud to say your worked at 10 years from now you shouldn’t take it! Just my opinion because you asked for it but the choice is up to you guys! Good luck!

  13. Mark R says:

    Speaking as a regular at a local Hooters, the majority of the ladies that work there like their job. You can make some excellent money, particularly if you work the bar. The downside is that you have to deal with rude customers who seem to think that Hooters is a glorified strip club. If you have a good GM, problems like that are few. The ladies that work at the Hooters I frequent have all become good friends. We all have a blast!!! Best of luck to you.

  14. blueboyswoman says:

    You know you right? Follow your first mind…

  15. sixteensgrl says:

    I can’t see why they would hire you seeing as you can’t spell or speak proper English. Therefore I think it would be embarrassing for you to work in public with your poor English skills. So for you bad job.
    PS Hooters girls in my town are thought of as girls that are sluttier than strippers they just don’t have the balls to actually strip.

  16. Bryan D says:

    I think you would look Awesome in the punkin patch………..

  17. sara_00_0 says:

    It is a job in food Service. If you like the environment and can deal with customers and have the high energy, I say go for it.
    It is always a debate about that place, but if you like it, go ahead and work there!

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