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homeschooling laws in maryland?

by tom44 on May 30, 2014

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maryland jobs
by afagen

Question by : homeschooling laws in maryland?
im 15 in 8th grade(yes i failed twice)
ok i was thinking of this, not because i have no friends but because i want to be able to work at my own time, meaning, one i dont like waking up so damn early, and 2 i sleep through all my classes and i have a feeling if i dont pass this year im going to drop out before i even get iinto highschool and i really dont want that to happen, and i know if i got to sleep till like 11 and wake up and start working and end at like 3(i get work done really fast, i dont like all the waiting and bullshit, i like to work at my own pace, which is fast)
Nd even if i dont get it done, i still can get it done at night, and i was wondering, i heard about homeschooling, and that you can do it on the computer, which is good cuz thats what im doing when im not with friends, long story short

i could probably only get homeschooled if it didn’t envolve my mom having to work alot with me, cuz she works from 7 and doesn’t get home till 5-6, and 2 little kids live with us, i dont wanna be another job for her, and i heard you could do it online, but im unaware of md laws, can you do like online homeschoolin in maryland

Best answer:

Answer by Ann Z
Maryland homeschool laws are here:

Your mom shouldn’t need to hover over you.

Yes, you can sleep in when homeschooling, but you do need to be motivated enough to get up and learn at some point each day for several hours.

If you are well off, your mom might want to order a distance learning program for you. If not, she and you can agree on a self-created curriculum. This is a matter of just buying some books to learn from, such as a math book, and then visiting the library and reading a lot. It also means joining organizations that can help you learn, such as music lessons, a computer club, a gym or sports organization. Consider taking art at a gallery or art museum. Find mentors locally who can help you learn things of interest, for example, an historical society (reenactment group!) or clubs for gardening, photography, etc. Start a blog, and write a lot.

There is a book written just for teens like yourself:

The Teenage Liberation Handbook
How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
by Llewellyn, Grace
Written primarily for teens who need to convince their parents they can teach themselves.

You CAN do this!

Ann Zeise
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One thought on “homeschooling laws in maryland?

  1. FreshWater says:

    Try homeschooling, online classes, or finish your school education. Do what is best for you

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