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Highest Paying Jobs – Work from Home Ideas

by tom44 on March 1, 2013

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Eric Schmidt speaks with Atlantic editor James Bennet at the Washington Ideas Forum in Washington, DC on October 1, 2010.
Video Rating: 4 / 5
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49 thoughts on “Highest Paying Jobs – Work from Home Ideas

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  26. MoJoSB says:

    Wow, can’t believe how many fan? boys Eric S has? Maybe you can get a job cleaning his nut sack?


    Here is one solution.

    Washington should be dissolved right along side with Britain.

    How about that for evolving.
    Read your own documents? America.


    “Gods name is Eric Schmidt!!!? (in the web)”

    With comments like that, voted up,? have to be the most stupid things people could do, for claiming to be Evolved.

    What is it that Washington, and the masses of Planet Earth do not get, should be the Title. And how most people did not listen to a single word of this video, nor retain the information in it. While claiming to be evolved.


    For evolved people why do you all still commit war crimes against each other. Why do you all still need weapons. For evolved people, why do you all still need money? Now you want to talk about God, yet you people still serve the most evil master on the planet. Metal and Paper money, is 90pct of you people’s God.
    Proven fact. ?
    When I talk about mental focus, I am talking about spiritually. Not some DNA, cloned, micro-chipped brain. Which is what Google and others are doing


    You people have evolved. Could have fooled me. I am still dealing with a population of internet users, who have no idea of my history on the net, and as well with this website. And here you are kid,? talking about being evolved. You all are not just starting to realize, that people who type down here are human beings as well on the planet, and you are talking about evolved.

    For evolved people, why is it that many of you put disabled people on the back burner?


    And it took technology and your computers to realize what you all should have been doing 100 years ago, How about 1000 years ago. How about 5000 years ago.

    Hmm. I find that interesting. Secondly it is many of you who live the delusion of a movie TV world.

    What do I see on the front pages of this site, not what your talking about.

    People are entertained by garbage. A Commercialized internet. Second as the machine goes, just because I use it does not mean that I agree?

  32. superearthbender says:

    @OURZIONTUBE Google is for the most part a search engine… They have a lot of money, they are trying to give it back to social infrastructure and general? human advancement. The google machine? You are living among the rest of us, try and not be insane. I believe there are a lot of people focusing their mental powers in Africa, we call them witch doctors. Society and most human life depends on human technological achievement to eat, have shelter, drinking water, and so much more. Respect that.

  33. superearthbender says:

    We evolved. I know life seems crazy, but that’s because we are crazy. With technology we can help keep? things more sane, so lets try it ok? You love your body, don’t want any enhancements* (you may disagree with the word), however individuality* is due to imperfections in replication, now isn’t it? You’re body isn’t holy, sacred, or ideal. There are people out there who are trying to save the world, don’t get in their way. We evolved, God is a product of your mind;god is personal


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    See there was a problem long ago, when human beings went down this road, in a far off past, present, and future time space, we call the universe.

    It is called God. Now if people cant get past those social issues on the planet earth. What business do human beings have playing? with this technology. Even suggesting implants. Hmmm. Pretty scary.

    Is there an off button, for someone who is implanted Eric and Google. US government, Aliens, God, Spirit, so on and so on.


    You are telling me to shutup Huh?

    LoL. Cant read can yea. One min these people hate Google, the next they Love Google.

    Do not have the slightest idea, of what the future? holds. But hey.

    If super robots are what you all want to become, go for it. Just be sure you all dont lose something while trying to get there.

    O yeah, they did.
    See if you all did not want me here, you should never have awakened me to fix the problems you all cant remember.

  41. superearthbender says:

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  42. superearthbender says:

    What’s with all the Google bashing?! How many companies do you know of come up with ideas like the x-prize? Google may be large and in charge, but I haven’t seen any actions committed by them which indicate they are being evil. Google Street View is awesome, only a bunch of morons would try and stop that from advancing. And stop saying Eric Schmidt is two faced. Please! If anything he’s trying to be sensitive to you peoples paranoia,that? much is OBVIOUS. How many of you are above 30?just curious

  43. tmtyler says:

    “There’s what I call the “creepy line”, and the Google? policty about a lot of these things is to get right up to the “creepy line” but not cross it.” – 14:05

  44. tmtyler says:

    “You can’t? have capitalism without failure” – 12:30.

  45. tmtyler says:

    China can best be understood as a large, well-run business? – 06:03


    “Eric? Schimidt for president!”
    “Gods name is? Eric Schmidt!!! (in the web)”

    These two statements are crap, and they are used as a setup of manipulation. Either for me, or whatever.

    Tired of it, you all have no respect for people in the world,? do you Google? How about you all US Leaders?

    You people cant handle the revolution, or your civil rights crimes, so this is what you all do huh?

    Cameras getting to hard for many of you to take?


    Google / Youtube, You all need to update these comment areas. You all need to inform the public better about your intent. You all need to have the US government disclose information.

    Using implants, when human beings, have books and movies, pointing out? that it isnt a good idea, does not make sense. Why is it that Human beings, always run to what they know most likely will be their failure and or doom?



  49. SF10888 says:

    Great ideas.?

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