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HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles – Day One.flv

by tom44 on April 29, 2013

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YES..I am in the video..HEMP FOR JOBS and CCHHI representing… Tiffani Kjeldergaard, “We support hemp cannabis sativa l everything”
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Why are audio/music recording schools and the like a waste of money? Find out in this video. Here are some more resources: Top Recording Studios: http://musi…
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25 thoughts on “HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles – Day One.flv

  1. sard house says:

    there is no more record industry…. unfortunately for us… adios amigos.?

  2. RealHomeRecording says:

    OK I’ve been reading too many bad things about Recording Connection. BAD? shady stuff.

    My recommendation to personally call up or email top tier studios and offer big money to be an intern or fly on the wall still stands.

  3. RealHomeRecording says:

    That is a good? strategy. Just start gaining experience and the jobs will come easier. That’s how this industry works…it’s not like getting a law or medical degree!

    One school that caught my eye though is the Recording Connection. I like their approach. But before I recommend them I need to do some more research.

    I still think the idea of calling a studio (or live event sound place) and offering them $15,000-$30,000 will get you in their doors. And it’ll get you the experience.

  4. Sergiu Crisan says:

    I read all the comercials on websites on how you can get a job after wasting tons of money on these schools, What I do , is I hang out with the soundguys at almost every concert in my town and I offer a helping hand, and I start gaining some trust , In this field I think this has to be the only way of actually getting hired in live sound. Thanks again , this? cleared my mind , have a nice day 😀

  5. RealHomeRecording says:

    Better than recording engineers. But again you are better off just reading up on what people use and then trying it. There are venues and bands who need good mix engineers. PROTECT YOUR EARS THOUGH!

    In the upper market I like that digital consoles allow for a lot less gear to haul. Plus the other technology out now that allows for? better and easier great sound.

  6. Sergiu Crisan says:

    thanks for this video, how about live sound ? how is that? industry going ?

  7. RealHomeRecording says:

    Another advantage of buying gear over paying for tuition? You can’t re-sell tuition if it doesn’t work out for you. But gear…you can sell on the? used market no problemo!

  8. hueseph says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I fully agree with you. And even though there is one school in a million that actually graduates skilled and working students there are a thousand more mills that are just out for the money. Actually CNN has a documentary about schools that are just out for the profit. It’s not just recording schools. Although we? music heads are easy pickins. Everyone wants to be a star. I could have a smokin’ studio with that tuition I paid. Yup. Me too.

  9. RealHomeRecording says:

    Thanks for your comments, they’re really insightful! I’d say that just like a lot of “hack colleges” there are way more “hack recording schools”. Experience and demo reels count for more. I think the biggest problem, at least to me, are lenient professors who pass students who shouldn’t be passed.

    You have to be a self-starter in this business. It? can be fun but it’s highly technical and not a “lazy man’s job”. You have to love music and love recording/mixing music.

  10. hueseph says:


  11. hueseph says:

    Lastly, only a foll has no backup plan. Everyone needs a day job until they make it. If that means getting a plumbers ticket, do it. You’re more likely to make it? as a plumber than an audio engineer any day.

  12. hueseph says:

    That being said, I agree that audio engineering is generally a pipe dream. Passion has to go beyond the textbook and faux diploma. Yes you can get the majority of this knowledge from books and trial and error.? What you can’t get is connections. That’s entirely up to you. It does help to have a credit on a commercially successful endeavor though and that is something that Nimbus offers. You won’t get that at a student mill like full sale.

  13. hueseph says:

    I generally agree with what you are saying here but there is one school that I sincerely believe in. Nimbus School or Recording Arts is a fully functioning recording studio with clients like Billy Talent? and Deep Purple among others. Not only are these clients but student get to work on these projects. The founding member of this studio is notably Garth Richardson(Biffy Clyro, Mudvayne, Nickelback) also Bob Ezrin and Kevin Williams. A very limited enrollment and mentor program. All hands on.

  14. snoopdawg1202 says:

    Excellent video, it’s good to hear the reality of the recording industry. Colleges and Universities continue to graduate students? who will have no hope of ever getting a job in their field of study. Not just recording / music but all kinds of degree programs.

  15. RealHomeRecording says:


  16. strugglebuggietv says:

    fair? enuf!
    i think know the type of mics youre talking about…

  17. chaosjames78 says:

    Hey I’ve heard of that book by mike senior its on my list to get but what? stems ,do they come with the book ?

  18. chaosjames78 says:

    Joe gilder is at home studio . I’ve never heard of that mixing secrets thing for stems I’ll definately? check that out

  19. chaosjames78 says:

    Yeah,the mixes on Dueling mixes come from all over I think probably bands they know or friends but they are quite random .I’m working on Dec and Jan mixes both very different .I’m actually a? metal drummer and guitarist ,but mixing all genre is good practice if you wanna get good

  20. RealHomeRecording says:

    +1 on live shows paying OK money. As an added bonus if you run sound at a bar or club you may be able to meet some ladies…something not really possible working? in a studio.

    Oh if I could only do it again maybe I’d take that fill-in engineer job instead of the second internship but hey…that place ended up being shut down for drugs. Long story, LOL!

    Video is my main profession. But audio was my first passion. I record music for fun at the moment since my studio was shut down due to a thief.

  21. RealHomeRecording says:

    I’ve never heard of Joe but I’ve definitely watched a lot of Recording Revolution videos. Graham’s awesome!

    Never heard of dueling mixes. Something I did love though that sounds similar are? the mixes from Mike Senior’s “Mixing Secrets” book. Tons of genres and mix stems ranging from expensive studios to home studios. I wish I had a chance to practice some mixes off those files but haven’t yet.

  22. RealHomeRecording says:

    Thanks. If schools like FSU weren’t a “diploma mill” then I may have not made this video. Unfortunately they seemingly graduate anyone willing to plunk down the cash to attend their school. Which basically makes their diploma worthless. That diploma? SHOULD mean something but it doesn’t.

    Again FSU aren’t the only ones churning out those types of students but they are the biggest. It’s pretty disgusting what they do and they should be ashamed of themselves.

  23. RealHomeRecording says:

    I’m only? trying to help really. If I can save just one person from wasting a ton of money and wake them up to think outside the box I’ve done my job. Hands-on experience in the real world counts for so much more than what schools, from what I’ve heard and experienced, provide.

    My next video may just be me on a phone calling up studios with the $30k offer!

    No, I won’t tell you the specific mics but look for behind the scenes pictures at radio stations. Hint: Both microphones cost under $500 😉

  24. DJKevWest says:

    I get where you are coming from but you come off a bit bitter. I agree these big schools are insanely priced and that the recorded music industry is dead but not the audio industry as a whole. Live shows is where the money is at. Doing sound for video offers some promise too but I think its doomed to suffer the same fate? as audio recording but its hard to get cinema quality video recordings from a Wendy’s paycheck yet while in 10th grade. Maybe in 2023

  25. chaosjames78 says:

    I like Dueling? mixes also because I’m passed the basics ,school is only gonna show you the basics ,they aren’t gonna show you how to use a cla-3a compressor and why ,or how to use superior drummer a tool used by pros and novices alike

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