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High school student internship at a university?

by tom44 on November 23, 2013

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Question by Tanja: High school student internship at a university?
Is it possible to have an internship at a university? what type of work and programs are offered? Preferably science/medical related? how does a high school student get that opportunity? do they get to research… gah i dont even know where to look… lol

Best answer:

Answer by laurengyitis
You should talk to your high school counselor about this. During my junior year I was offered a job in the Cell and Developmental Biology research department at UCDHSC (University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center) to work basically as a research assistant. They would’ve paid me $ 11 an hour. You wouldn’t really DO research, but you would be close to it. Most jobs or internships that you may be able to find will involve stuff like cleaning test tubes, filing, and going to grab stuff for the researchers.

Whether or not internships like this are available to you depends on your location, age, and level of experience and interest in that particular area.

Also – don’t limit yourself to universities. If you’re interested in the medical field it’s an excellent idea to volunteer at a hospital.

You may also consider participating in a university study. I’ve seen these posted on If you want to be a researcher it’d be a good idea to do this so you could see things from the subjects point of view, plus you could chat with the researchers and see if they’ll give you advice or an internship opportunity.
Good luck!

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