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hey guys help me find a job?

by tom44 on June 20, 2014

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Question by : hey guys help me find a job?
ok im 17 and i want to work in summer but i dont know where to work i hate wokring where i have to interact with people i like floor jobs like u work and go back home with no one fuking up ur mind at work …..anyways is there a job like tht i mean anywhere in Indiana new albany???

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Answer by thomas p
Try a bookstore or library.

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One thought on “hey guys help me find a job?

  1. sgregory1522 says:

    gas station or a small store with few customers and work there. Then you can read or do other things while no one is there 🙂 I’m over 18 so there are more opportunites for that, but I was once offered a job at a place caled Motherhood Maternity that sold maternity clothes and it was very small. The person hiring me said that the boss leaves and I’m the only one there for part of the time. This is the best type of job you can get (for retail) as you can be left alone and read or do other things without the boss there. During school, you can study!! This is the best thing because you have to study anyway AND you get paid while doing it. When you get to college, this will be a great idea for extra cash or paying your bills!!!

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