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Help with CNA job in Philadelphia???

by tom44 on June 8, 2012

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Question by flea333244: Help with CNA job in Philadelphia???
Can anyone give me any advice getting a CNA job in a hospital job in Philadelphia? I became a CNA over the summer and haven’t had any luck at all getting a job. Even nursing homes aren’t really hiring right now! I thought that this profession was in need of more nurses! Any help,advice,direction anything would be greatly appreciated!!! I’m getting desperate because the bills are stacking up!!!

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Answer by Just U
girl oh my god you are in high demand. you can get a job anywhere just go to any hospital, clinic or home health place. your online so google cna jobs in phil. hope this help congrats to you. job well done….

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2 thoughts on “Help with CNA job in Philadelphia???

  1. *gYpSy* says:

    Registered Nurses are, but it seems like CNAs have a harder time. I lived in Philly for awhile; there are so many people, maybe that’s why positions get filled up fast. I would try volunteering at a hospital you want to work at a few times a week, so that if and when they need someone, you will be there, ready to hire. Also, get to know the regular faces at the hospital because sometimes that’s they way to get a position (through contacts or going up there repeatedly). If you mention to someone that you really need the medical experience to get into another program, they might make room for you to help you out.

    Keep going with nursing till you become an RN. Then you won’t have to go through that mess : )

  2. Dr. Deth says:

    there are a ton of hospitals in the Philly area – lots of healthcare related help wanted ads in the Sunday Inquirer every week

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