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HELP! University of Phoenix–does it actually get people good jobs like a regular college? In medical billing?

by tom44 on September 26, 2012

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Question by TX_Azn: HELP! University of Phoenix–does it actually get people good jobs like a regular college? In medical billing?
*PLEASE READ* Ok please only rspond if YOU earned a degree from there or actually KNOW someone personally who has. What was your job search experience like after graduating? Did u get turned down a lot for not having a degree from a traditional college? What did u earn ur degree in and what are you doing now?

Ok, the resaon i ask is because my mother just started taking classes (actual classes in a building) through the University of Phoenix recently at one of their campuses near our home. She is persuing a degree in medical records/ medical billing. Now, after reading different forums on people criticizing the school and talking about how bad it is, I am a bit concerned that my mother may be making a bad choice by going to the University of Phoenix. She got laid off from an office job that she was at for 12 years just a few months ago, and in looking for a new job she realized that she needed a degree to work anywhere, so that prompted her to start taking classes thru UoP. She is a grown woman about 50.

Is she making a mistake? I am just woried because shes excited about taking classes there and I really dont want her to be dissapointed if she cant get a job after she graduates from there. Please Tell me your experiences! Thanks in advance!

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Answer by LM
I had a co-worker at my last job who got his MBA from UoP and it apparently allowed him to move into a mangement spot.
I was pretty surprised at that since I always thought of UoP as a joke. But I guess having any MBA is better than having none.
Also, everyone has more or less heard of UoP even if they don’t know anything about how good they are, so I supposed it might be better than getting a degree from some local school that no one has heard about.

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